Is hitch hiking dangerous?

By: Omar Barajas

Germany on Hitchiking

Hitchiking might be useful but don't do it. Germany's data was collected on deaths and it says 1.47% assaults are on hitchikers and only 0.06% is non natural assaults. Hitchiking will be an advantage to mad men or women on the loose. Try to use another way to get to your destination instead of hitchiking.


On January 6, 1982, Annette was just picking up a pack of Marlboro cigarettes and a medicine prescription from the Drug Store. When she needed to go to her house to pick up her uniform, then go to work. Since then she's been never seen alive again. Investigators soon found her dead on July 3, 1982 on the side of the road dead with all her clothes on and with a gunshot wound on her back. The bullet was believed to have gone straight through her body, since the bullet was not found in her body. The weapon used was probably estimated to be a .38/.357/9mm handgun.