DIY Projects


Room Decoration

This is a super cute room decoration that is super easy to make. Just look at the picture it shows you how to make it.

DIY Stackable Bracelets

This is really cute and simple!

This one is probably my favorite. Take an old bangle. Then start by hot gluing some rhinestones or pearls on. Then take some yarn or colored cord or whatever and wrap in between the pearls it looks really cute and summery!

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DIY Galaxy Shoes

These are fun and simple and only take a few steps.

Go to somewhere and buy some cheap white shoes.

Have pink,purple,light blue,white,black and nay blue paint

Some sponges,paintbrushes, and glitter (optional)

Tape the bottoms of the shoes to protect from having paint on the bottom.

Start by doing an ombre from navy blue to purple to black at the back of the shoe.

You can now dab on with the sponge the blue a bit of pink and purple.

Then you can dab on glitter as much as you want.

Now with a thin brush draw stars in random spots

Now you have really cute, inexpensive, and made by you shoes!

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