The Main Things

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December 13th, 2021

SafeOregon, Severe Weather Protocols, Happy Holidays and Thank You are this week's Main Things.

Main Thing 1: SafeOregon

You may have heard about a suspicious statement reported by a South Medford High School parent last week. The statement was reported to SafeOregon, an anonymous tip line run by Oregon State Police. The Medford Police Department immediately investigated and deemed it a non-credible threat. Please encourage students and fellow staff, if they see something concerning, say something. SafeOregon is available to all students, staff, and community members. Call or text 844-472-3367 or email

Main Thing 2: Severe Weather Protocols

Winter weather is in our forecast and we want you to be prepared! If there is a schedule change due to weather, you will be notified through a phone call, text, and an email. This is a great time to check Employee Online and make sure your contact information is correct. Don’t worry, we will NOT be switching to CDL if there is a snow day.

Main Thing 3: Happy Holidays and Thank You!

Winter break is almost here! Hooray! Thank you for your hard work during this most challenging school year! Rest and enjoy the time with friends and family this holiday season.

Other Things:

COVID-19 Update

We are almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. And while cases are trending down for our students and staff, we are obligated to remain vigilant with our safety measures. This includes the individually agreed-to mitigation measures for those staff who received an exception from the vaccine requirements. Remember that the plans were often tailored to an individual’s specific circumstances.

PD in Canvas Catalog

Our new Canvas Catalog PD platform will launch in January with our first session of asynchronous PD courses created by MSD educators. Each interactive course is three weeks long and contains 1.5 hours of content divided into three modules.

  • Session 1 enrollment: 12/13-1/7

  • Session 1: 1/23-2/11

Look at our course offerings for session 1 and enroll by going to Canvas Catalog in HelloID. Incentives for participating in the courses include shoutouts, special prize deliveries, books, extended lunch, and more!

AZ Committee

Our Attendance Zoning committee will be reconvening after the new year to work out new attendance boundaries in preparation for Oakdale Middle School's opening in Fall 2023. To track progress on the school, click here. More details on the AZ Committee to come after winter break!

The next Main Thing will be released on Monday, January 10th.

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