Tony Hawk Professional Skateboarder

Tony Hawk with Sean Mortimer


Tony Hawk grew up in San Diego, California. Ever since he was a toddler he was causing mischief. His family wasn't able to invite people to their house because he was a maniac. The first time he touched a skate board was when he was 9 years old. his brother showed him a blue fiberglass board that was almost half as small as they are today. At first, he wasn't very interested, but when he got older he got into it. He would ride at the skatepark until it was pitch black. As he got older he started skating in competitions. At one competition Steve Caballero the best skater in the world noticed his style. Steve asked Tony to join his professional team, Tony was so excited. With his team he became a world famous skater, and an inspiration to many kids. He went on to win hundreds of competitions and 2 XGames.
Tony Hawk 900

Frank Hawk

Tony Hawk's father, Frank, was a big influence in Tony's life. If any of his kids were doing sports he would be right with them on the field. At first he knew nothing of skateboarding, but when Tony got involved with the sport Frank did as much as he could to make sure his son had fun. He made a league that soon became very famous. When Frank died, Tony was devastated. He dedicated his wins to his dad but he wasn't winning as much because he was so depressed.