my grandmom

My grandmother

My grandmother is born in Tai yuan Shan xi in 1944 in that year The national people’s congress nationalities committee start in that year Mao Zhe dong didn’t died, the world war two is not over, it’s almost end of the war, her mom died when she is three she has a brother she have to take care of her brother when she is three, her dad have to work, she is really awesome! She know how to take care of herself and a little brother when she is three!

When she is 18 year old she went to England to study after two years she went to Taiwan to study for one year. She start to work in 1966 she have own company. She marry in 1968 my aunt is born in 1972 after two years mom is born is in1974.

She stop work in 1996, she really love travel so she start to travel around the world with my grandfather, I was born in 2002, she and my grandfather take care of me for three years, 2005 she went to Taiwan.