ITCH.FUNGI.INFECTIOUS.These are the words for a very contagious disease ringworm that is easily spreads to people.people think itching is a symptom of ringworm but itching can be a symptom or not be one at all but some symptoms are red scaly skin or baldness on head.


Ringworm has many symptoms but some symptoms may not be a symptoms for ringworm at all.Here are some symptoms for ringworm red and scaly skin and peeling happens and your skin gets darker.Here are some that may not be a symptoms for like itchiness and a rash.People get confused for itchiness because a symptom ringworm is itchiness the itchiness is probably caused by dry scalp.The cause of red skin is the rash because the rash creates red bumps that looks blisters the center of the rash there is a ring-shaped circle.


Here are some ways to cure ringworm there are prescription from doctor which is a anti-fungal medicine that you take daily to cure the ringworm.The other way to cure is self-treatment were you get anti-fungal medicine and take it daily like a prescription.the last way to cure ringworm is by going to a specialist like a doctor,pediatrician and dermatologist to give you care by treatment they give you.


Don't be scared of ringworm there are many ways to cure like taking a prescription.the symptoms are redness on skin itchiness but the cure to those symptoms are going to the doctor to get care or take prescription.The itch.fungi.and infectious aren't big scary words anymore.