War of 1812

Burning of the white house

The Burning of the White House

They wanted to go west to Detroit with this they were very successful and ended up seizing Washington D.C as well as the white house the room was fireproof, except for the ceiling. British had to catch the ceiling on fire. When it fell down, the rest of the room would be destroyed and before the white house burned Dolley toke a prortit of general Washington.

British Redcoats

The British Redcoats where the enemy to the Americans for many reasons, one of them was that the redcoats captured American ships and took sailors as prisoners if there were useful. The British redcoats were in upper Canada so there were near the Americans. The redcoats are also the ones that are responsible for the white house burning. The leader of British redcoats is Sir Isaac Brock.

President James Madison

President James Madison was the 4th president of the United States of America and he was apart of the War of 1812. When the British arrived at the White House President James Madison and his wife Dolley left the white house and fled to safety in Maryland to meet with his generals in the battlefield.

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