September 27, 2015

What's up in the Tech World

Congratulations! You survived homecoming week!

Lower Campus - There are many activities that are taking place this week to wrap up the first quarter. I will be working to get the iPads updated with apps and cleaned up for another semester. I will not be working on your campus this week. If there is something you need, please let me know and I will make a plan to get over and help you.
Upper Campus - We are in the process of getting the laptops cleaned up and the iPads loaded with the apps you have requested.

Here is a great tutorial for anyone wanting to use Google Classroom. It integrates with Google Drive and makes it easy to transition to a paperless classroom for many subjects (not as helpful for math).

Check out MoocNote in the link below. I hope to try this out soon. It allows you to add all types of notes and questions to a video. This would be great paired with the swivl devices that we have!

By the way, I am happy to work with anyone who is interested in recording their classes. Check out Mr. Klein's webpage that contains videos to each days class. Click on a date to be taken to the video.

What is Project Based Learning?

"PBL is the act of learning through identifying a real-world problem and developing its solution. Kids show what they learn as they journey through the unit, not just at the end."(“What the Heck Is Project-Based Learning?”) Read the article to find out more.