Staying Healthy

Learn ways to keep your body healthy

Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important and will affect the individual in the long run. Getting a healthy lifestyle doesn't only mean eating healthy. One must get enough sleep; eat healthy food and physical activity. Also, they should balance eating junk food and healthy food. Scientist have said that if one does not get a minimum of eight hours of sleep, that person will not grow as fast as regular growth and will have a hard time focusing. In order to be healthy, an individual must eat healthy food, that person will receive many different types of vitamins. A person should not consistently be eating junk food. They can have junk food but not a lot of it, for an example, people go to KFC but they don't know how many dangerous chemicals are put in their food. The same goes for McDonalds, but for McDonald’s not only have dangerous chemicals but they dump a lot of oil and fat in the food. Along with eating healthy one must receive exercise as well. By receiving physical activity, you need to be active. 60 minutes of physical exercise is recommended every day to stay fit and healthy. Another way to stay healthy is being mentally physical. That means you don't have a lot of stress, which allows you to go to sleep easily and enough of it. Also, consuming a lot of junk food can have long term effects. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure and becoming overweight.

Chemicals In Processed Food

There are many different kinds of burgers, fries a and different types of meat that are processed. Processed food is food going through a process of making food last longer and by doing that they add chemicals. But those chemicals are very bad for the human body.

There are many different types of fast food restaurants that sell a lot of processed food like McDonald's, KFC and many more. Not only does the food have bad chemiclas, so do the drinks. Take a look at Coco Cola, it even has chemicals that can cause cancer. Sometimes at KFC they sell their burgers with Monosodium glutamate , which is a dangourus chemical that literally kills the human body. If you think that's bad, McDonald's is two time worse because not only does mcdonalds put dangourus chemicals in there food, they also put a lot of oil and fat. For an example, McDonald,s burger has ammonium chloride which is a chemical used for explosives, fireworks, safety matches.

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Like I have stated before to stay healthy one must eat healthy by not eating chicken everyday. Always eating can cause overweight, underweight, higher chance of of illness,

Depression, and lower level of happiness. And to stay healthy drink a lot of water and eat a lot of things that give vitimans, protein, whole grain, fruits and vegetables.

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