Much Ado About Nothing

Casting the Characters

For the role of Hero I choose Selena Gomez. The reason I choose her is primarily for her looks, she is very pretty, has brown hair and is the same build as Hero. While reading the play think Hero would look like. I also choose Selena because I think they have the same type of energy and similar characteristics

For the role of Claudio I choose Ryan Renolds. I would choose him not only for the fact that he looks like Claudio, but because of his former role in The Proposal. In that movie he fall deeply in love with a woman, very quickly, just as Claudio does in Much Ado About Nothing.

For the role of Don John I would choose Alexander Ludwig. I would choose him not for his looks at all, but for his former role in the hunger games. He is very good at being the "villain" .

Three Important parts

  1. One of the most important parts is Don Johns evil plan. This was most of the important parts because this part convinced Claudio that the woman he was about to marry was not faithful. Even though Hero was faithful to Claudio. This leads up to the next most important part.
  2. The first wedding was a very important event as well, because this is where Claudio "exposes" Hero as unfaithful. Everyone is very shocked weather they believe it or not. Leonato even goes as far as saying that he would rather be dead then live with such shame. Even her own father believes this lie. Then the Friar comes to and creates a plan to prove Hero's innocence.
  3. The second wedding is important because this is where everything sort of falls together. Claudio thinks that he Is marrying Hero's cousin as a punishment for slandering Hero. But when he flips the veil of her "cousin" it is Hero. Claudio and Hero do get married in this act and Benedick and Beatrice agree to marry. Don John is also caught

Jealous Guy - John Lennon

This Song is about a man that is jealous and is doing things that he regrets. He says that he is sorry for hurting someone, just because he is jealous. In Much Ado About nothing, Don John is very jealous of Claudio. Because he is jealous he devises a plan to ruin Claudio's happiness, by ruining Claudio and Hero's Wedding. At the end of the story Don John comes back apologizing for what he has done.