Government Flyer

But: Natalie Reyna & Blanca Melchor

Democratic Government

" Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."

The people hold political power in a democracy

2 major facts about our government:

  • We work together to become a better government for the world we live in.
  • A democratic government is probably the best out there because it's all up to the people to decide who is gonna be the one making all of our rules and regulations.


  • Protection from abuse of power
  • Limited majority rule
  • Individual liberty
  • Legal protection


  • Impracticality & inefficiency
  • Minority exploration
  • Least common denominator rule
  • Gives people too much freedom

The U.S. also holds a democratic government ..

Why is democracy the best form of government?

It's the best form of government because it can deal with conflicts in the most peaceful manner, as well as enchances dignity of citizens. the people in a democratic government have a freedom of speech, and are aloud to express themselves and/or share their thoughts.

How will this government stabilize Iraq ?

It will give them the benefit of the doubt about everything. They will have better lives for their children & themselves, they will have rights to be who they are and say what they want, of course as long as it's not threats. The world around them will be a better and safer place for them to live in. I think it would make many of them happy to finally have a say in the world they live in and be apart of choices. They would have better jobs, homes, cars, and clothes. Everyone should have a say.