The Quest

Volume 2, Issue 6

"The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.” -Erich Fromm

Math Station Fair!

Our February 15'th Math Station Fair encouraged lots of great conversations among planning teams! Pre-K teachers demonstrated how the lesson/materials from their Math Problem Solving poster could transfer into a station tub without having to create a new activity. PPCD teachers shared tubs that targeted prerequisites/foundational skills for the Pre-K Guidelines. Both groups will be able to use each other's ideas to differentiate for their students!

Lauren Burkett took photos of all the station tubs so that they could be uploaded into eduphoria and used by teams during collaborative planning--thank you, Lauren! The photos are now sorted by standard and can be accessed by clicking the Math Domain 'Curriculum Overview' tab, selecting 'Sample Station Photos', and clicking on the desired standard.

Around & About at ECS:

February 15'th PD Update: Data Collection

There were so many new ideas for data collection shared during our Gallery Walk on Monday! Hopefully everyone walked away with an idea or two that will increase efficiency with data collection toward both IEP goals and instructional areas related to the Pre-K standards.

A folder has been created in the S drive named 'Data Collection Sheets'. Please upload the example you brought to share on Monday and title it with your last name followed by 'data sheet' (ex. Smith Data Sheet). This will make accessing the forms you viewed during our Gallery Walk easy!

February 15'th PD Update: CFA's

Planning teams are diving right in with creating common formative assessments in Math!

Two examples of CFA's being developed are:

Planning Team #1 (Peebles): This planning team is starting to collect data next week on a subtraction CFA. Teachers will all use the subtraction standard language from the Pre-K Assessment and will use the jewels/treasure box materials they all have as manipulatives for the problem. The team decided that their CFA would be assessed either during station time or at TT during learning centers. They will review the data results during their next planning meeting to determine as a team the steps necessary to advance student learning with this concept.

Planning Team #3 (Johnson): This planning team developed a CFA on addition. Teachers will use the language for the Pre-K Assessment and will use legos, which they all have, as the manipulatives. They developed a schedule/timeline for assessment, data discussion, and student reteach, as a reminder to everyone on the team of when they should begin or complete each component.

In addition to their Math CFA, this planning team decided to test the CFA waters with one in Reading! The team met over lunch and decided that their Reading CFA would pertain to the Phonological Awareness skill of syllables and that they wanted to determine their students' understanding of this concept. They discussed that students must truly understand syllables before they can delete a syllable--which is assessed on the Pre-K Assessment. Their CFA would be to observe students clapping the syllables of given words. They planned to record the data and discuss it during a follow-up planning. This data would give them information on how to differentiate for those students that first needed to develop their understanding of syllables before moving to syllable deletion! That is a perfect example of a purposeful, quick, and easy CFA!