Sheiks and sheba's of the 1920's !

Demi Ross

The new fab of the century! the Silhouette look that create the body outline very straight, and flat-chested figure look, with streamlined sides and a close-fitting hat and cute hairstyles. try the silhouette look today !

Common designs in clothing today!

} Sleeveless or half sleeved dressed that are light-weight with no waistline visible.

} Layered suits style jackets with a fashionable blouse, skirts. (sometimes more popular in knitted material)

} more common around evening time is a sleeveless barrel dress, with great amounts of beading, low waistline with shirring or smocking.

Popular colors?

the most common popular colors for the century?

day time- gray, brown and blue. also some pastel colors

night time- rainbow amounts of colors, many women think prints are very fashionable and floral patterns!

For the latest update on your style and clothing, try the fashion magazines vogue, the queen, and Harper's Bazaar!