Mrs. McCown's Class News

December 2015/January 2016

The School Scoop

The students are having such a great time celebrating the holidays at school. They loved sharing their Tom the Turkey projects and Oral History Interviews they completed with a family member during the Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you so much for helping them with these projects! We are now enjoying the fun that comes with December and the winter months. Please take a minute to read about what the students are learning at school and also what fun activities and important events are coming up next week and when we return in January!

What We Are Learning....

Reading: Informational Text

- Good readers ask questions before, during, and after reading

-Types of Questions: Predicting, Clarifying, Wondering, Author’s Craft, Higher Order Questions

- Identify the main purpose of a text, including whether the author wants to inform, persuade, or entertain their readers

-Identify the main topic and supporting details of a multi-paragraph text; as well as the main idea of specific paragraphs within the text.

-Know and use various text features (e.g., captions, bold print, subheadings, glossaries, indexes, electronic menus, icons) to locate key facts or information in a text efficiently.

-Use schema and context clues to determine the meaning of unknown vocabulary words in a 2nd grade level text


Non-Fiction Writing

The students have been working on writing 2 non-fiction research pieces. The first was about an animal and the second focused on a famous American.

- Partner research and writing

- Safe Internet Researching & Researching from a Text

-Writing a Non-Fiction Piece using Research

- Edit and revise writing pieces with peer and/or teacher support

- Edit and revise writing pieces with peer and/or teacher support

- Use grade level appropriate writing conventions (spelling, capitalization, & punctuation)

Math: Addition & Subtraction Strategies

- Relating Addition and Subtraction

- Add up Method to fin the unknown partner

- Quick Draw Method of Addition & Subtraction

- Using a Number Line to Add and Subtract

- Expanded Method of Addition & Subtraction

- Addition & Subtraction Story Problems

- Explaining why strategies work

**I appreciate your understanding and patience as the students are learning the addition and subtraction strategies. They are applying the strategies to decompose numbers and develop their number sense and conceptual knowledge of place value, addition, and subtraction. I am seeing so much growth. Thank you so much.**

Social Studies: History and Culture

- Understand how various sources provide information about the past

- Exploring artifacts from the past and discussing how they have changed throughout time.

- What can we learn from exploring artifacts?

- Compare and contrast the past and present

- Explore and understand primary and secondary sources

- Understand various cultures influence on communities

- Compare information from more than one source

- Explore people and events from the past

- Read and create timelines

Science: Sound

- Vibrations cause sound

- Pitch (High & Low)

- Tension

- Volume (Loud & Quiet)

- Force

2nd Quarter Report Cards

2nd quarter report cards will be sent home on Friday, December 19th. Please be sure to look over your child’s report card. I will be sending an additional page home that will explain the standards taught this quarter. If you have any questions, please contact me through email. I will be scheduling 3rd quarter conferences in February, after we return from track out.

MClass Reading Assessments

Starting this week, I will be assessing students on their mClass reading levels. The mid-year reading benchmark for 2nd grade is a Level L. All children will be assessed for mid-year growth even if they have already met this benchmark. The mid-year window will extend into January. You will be receiving your child’s Home Connect letter when we return to school after the New Year. This letter will give you specific information about your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement.

Holiday Events Schedule

December is a fun time of year for the 2nd graders! We have a few events planned for the Holiday Season. Below you will find a schedule of events with times and specific information. I will be sending reminders home next week as well.

Monday, December 14th: Holiday Movie Day

We will enjoy warm coco and cookies after lunch while we read a story and then watch a holiday movie.

Tuesday, December 15th: PJ Day and Camp Read A Lot

Send your child to school in his/her PJ's and with plenty of books! They may also bring a blanket and small stuffed animal to cozy up and read with.

Wednesday, December 16th: Holidays Around the World

We will be taking a trip around the world in our classroom to learn about how the winter holidays are celebrated in other countries.

Thursday, December 17th: Winter Celebration 2:00-3:15

We would like to invite families to come in for a holiday celebration. There will be refreshments and snacks and the students will be sharing their Winter Imaginative Writing and Animal Research Books with their families. We hope to see you then!

Friday, December 18th Grinch Day!

We have been learning all about Dr. Seuss as we studied biographies and timelines. To incorporate this into our winter fun we will have a day devoted to The Grinch. We will have many fun Grinch related activities, read the book, and watch the original movie with a surprise snack. Don't forget to wear GREEN!

Important Dates to Remember

Friday, December 18th:
- AR Party at 9:50 - The cut-off date for students to reach their goal is Thursday, December 17th.
- Early Release: Dismissal is at 1:10 and our lunch is 11:50-12:10
- Report cards go home

Winter Break
December 21st - January 1st Students will return to school on Monday, January 4th

Monday, January 18th No School MLK Day

Track Out
January 25th - February 12th Students will return to school on Monday, February 15th