Soul surfer

Review. aaron ackroyd


HEADLINE: Include the title of the movie (try to use a pun)

PARAGRAPH#1: Introduce the movie stating that you've just seen this movie and would like to give an opinion about it. Mention a couple of details that might help the reader to understand what type of movie you are talking about.

PARAGRAPH#2: Summarize the plot (storyline).

Where and when did it take place? who are the main characters? what is the story about? Remember do not include spoilers and do not tell how the story ends.

Paragraph 3: talk about the actors/ actressors and discuss who did a good job and who didn't.

paragraph 4: talk about what you liked about the movie and what you didn't like. be sure to include specific details and scenes.

paragrapgh 5: what lessons did you learn from this story.

paragrapgh 6: what group of people would like this movie? who would you rccomend it to.

rating system: give the movie a score (abc) or 1 to 10.