Westward HO!

September 17, 1896

Union Pacific Railroad

Come west with us! We were the first railroad to unite the nation, so why go anywhere else! We are the best at doing what we do. We conquered mountains and valleys and everything in between. We have the most experience of crossing the wild frontier so hop on a train near you and let the adventure begin!
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Reasons to Come West


Gold has been found in the West! The Black Hills have been mined and gild has been found. These land once belonged to the Souix but all miners will be protected by American forts surrounding the hills. Come West for the chance to strike it rich!


160 acres could all be yours if you act now! The Homestead Act is giving away 160 acre plots with only small agreemen. This land is premium for those looking to start a new life. You MUST get this land while it is available. It's going quickly so get your rears in gear!


For the first time, women and blacks are being treated as equal to white men! This land is being given to anyone, meaning women and former slaves along with white men. Nowhere else in the nation can this true other than right here in the West!

A new life!

Here in the West your past is forgotten! Everyone is welcome to this new frontier. You are the next generation of pioneers. By coming West you are helping make our country even better than it was before! You are the future of America! Westward expansion is the key to the success of our nation. With all the vast resources available here, why wouldn't you start the adventure to your new life?