From the VMS Media Center

September 2013

A Great Start!

The media center was a hub of activity in September! Starting with the second week of school, seventeen English classes spanning 6th, 7th and 8th grades attended an orientation in the media center. The orientation these students attended was a review of the media center's services and policies for this school year. Students were introduced to our new circulation system, Destiny Quest, our ebook collection and myself, as their new media specialist.

In addition to orientations, English classes utilized the media center for book checkout 10 different days in September. During the week of Wolf Ridge, the 6th graders that stayed behind also came to the media center during 5th hour to help with the labeling of our books with genre labels. Their help was fantastic!

The media center computer lab has been busy as well. Of the 20 days the media center was open, the computers were scheduled for use 17 of those days. English and social studies classes were heavy users of the lab space, but NWEA testing also took place using media center computers. The iPads were also checked out for 15 days in September, with various departments taking advantage of this resource.

Media Center Policies and Procedures

Media center policies and procedures have remained the same for this school year, other than due dates for materials. This year due dates will be on a fixed schedule, rather than a 14 day checkout. All materials are due the first Tuesday of every month, regardless of when the item was checked out. This new policy will hopefully eliminate the hours spent writing overdue notices and chasing books.

September Circulation

In September, 1,154 items circulated through the media center. Of these items, 990 were books, 96 items were magazines, 53 items were equipment and 15 items were other materials such as video tapes, etc. Fiction is still our biggest seller in the media center, accounting for 73% of our book checkouts in September.

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New Initiatives for 2013-2014

The first large project taking place in the media center this year will be to add genre labels to our collection. Books will be categorized under the major genres of realistic fiction, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, graphic novel, historical fiction, traditional literature, or story collection. The nonfiction area will be enhanced with signage for the Dewey Decimal areas of biography, autobiography, and poetry. This large undertaking is largely in support of our English teachers' genre-based reading requirements. Books will remain in the areas they are currently shelved, but color coded stickers will be added to book spines, allowing students to easily browse for and identify genres. This will likely be a year-long project as it requires physically putting stickers on almost all of our fiction books and updating records in our system.