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March 21- April 1 (WOW, time is flying!)


Important Items from the Site Calendar:

March 21: Stacy at Visioning Institute all day

March 22: Class pictures

March 23: Grade level /department meetings at 3pm

March 24: Donuts with Dads and COM

March 25: Spring Holiday for ALL

March 29: STAAR (Writing for 4/Math for 5th): Quiet shoes and jeans for all

March 30: STAAR (Reading for 5th): Quiet shoes and jeans for all

April 1: Spirit Assembly at 1:30 PM

An Important video for all PROFESSIONAL staff members to view from Dr. B

Please take time to watch this 3 minute clip of some information about the new TTESS appraisal system we will transition to next year. A supporting document for Domain 1 is below in picture form.
TEA Rubrics
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AVID Corner - Scholarly Language

Collaboration is one of the main components of the AVID College Readiness System. The resource below was shared at the AVID PLC meeting earlier this week. We demonstrated using the Scholarly Language stems by having teachers read an article the sparked opinions for and against a certain topic. Teachers then shared their opinions on the topic. Teachers used the Scholarly Language stems below to both agree and disagree with others.

I have found that using these sentence stems helps with speaking in complete sentences and guiding students to (respectfully) disagree with someone else who has a different viewpoint than they do.

You can use the sentence stems for any activity that you would like. They are versatile and easy to apply throughout your day. I will add a printer friendly version of the Scholarly Language cards to the AVID folder I shared with you on Google Drive.

Scholarly Language

Use these sentence starters to sound like the scholar you are.

When expressing an opinion:

“I think…” “I believe…” “In my opinion…”

“It seems to me that…”

“Not everyone will agree with me, but…”

When responding:

“I agree with what _______ said.”

“You are right about that.” “I am not sure.”

“I have not heard of that before.”

“That is an interesting idea.”

“I thought about that also.”

When Disagreeing:

“I do not agree with you because…”

“I see it another way.”

“My idea is slightly different from yours.”

“I have a different answer than you.”

When soliciting a response:

“Do you agree?” “What do you think?”

“We haven’t heard from ______ yet.”

“What answer did you get for number ____?”

When asking for clarification:

“Could you repeat that?”

“Could you say more about that?”

“In other words, you think that…(paraphrasing)”

“Could you give me an example of that?”

“I have a question about that.”

When interrupting:

“May I interrupt a moment?”

“May I add something here?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but…”

When offering a suggestion:

“Why don’t you/we…” “Maybe you/we could…”

“Here is what I think you/we should do…”

Tweets you may have missed!

Let's use the #coltslearn tag to tweet to when we experience learning or a resource that supports our work here at McCall. Here are some highlights of what has been tweeted recently:

PD you can use now! Videos on Learning Walks and the I Do, We Do, You Do strategy for ELLS!

Summer PDH Opportunities Below!

Summer Elementary Academy


This is your opportunity to share your successes with your colleagues. This summer, July 26-28, our Summer Elementary Academy will provide the place for you to do this. We are accepting proposals for sessions through April 1st. Please visit the website to complete your proposal submission. If accepted, you will receive a stipend for presenting. All teachers attending will have the option of banking 8 PD hours to use against the April 17 or June 5 professional development dates next school year. We look forward to helping you re-energize your passion for learning this July!!

Technology Conference

Tuesday, July 19th, 9pm to Wednesday, July 20th, 5pm

Denton, Texas

This may be a GREAT, CHEAP conference you may want to attend and rack up some PDH! George Curos is keynoting!!

McCall Elementary Administrators

Stacy Kimbriel, Principal/ @skimbriel

Scott Schweikhard, Assistant Principal /@SSchweikhard

A treat for those who read to the end...

As we start making plans for the next school year, the district gives us some guidance on staffing based on enrollment. Next year, our fourth grade is due to go down by one teacher and will add that teacher to third grade. Please congratulate Marlene Ramirez as a new third grade teacher!

PS: She already knew long before this email. We just had to make it official. More news will be coming soon!