Alabama's Judical Branch

by Conner Wright


Alabama's judicial branch is a large important part of state government.The branch makes sure that all citizens are treated fairly under law.The judicial authority of the state of Alabama is outlined in amendment 328 of the Alabama constitution of 1901.The system consists of supreme court, the the court of civil appeals and the court of criminal appeals.Some of the most important cases in U.S judicial history,many of them infamous,have their origins in the Alabama courts.The Alabama supreme court held $500,000 judgement against the times.During Alabama's territorial period the federal government appointed judges to the general superior courts.Alabama's judicial branch has power to try judicial officers in other state courts and punish them for violation of judicial ethnics,misconduct,decloration of duty or incapacitation.Two members of the Alabama state bar are chosen by the members of such bar who are usually qualified to do significant changes were made to the judicial branch in the post- reconstruction constitution of 1875.For many decades the Alabama supreme court was essentially was controlled by the Alabama state legislature which established and oversaw the court's rule of procedure.Although many governors spoke against the constitution it was governor James Folsom Senior.All judges except municipal judges in Alabama currently selected through the electoral process.The Alabama state courts are now integrated into a unified system with supreme court being responsible for their administration.All 67 Alabama counties have district courts with jurisdiction misdemeanors,small claims,and civil matters are not exceeding $10,000.Alabama's probate courts have jurisdiction in the probation of wills adoptions,and marriage licenses.the Alabama state legislature created the original three-judge court of appeals in 1911.The court of criminal appeals hands down 2,100 decisions each year. The supreme court is normally divided into two panels of four judges each with the chief justice precising over both panels.

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