Interrupting Violence in Chicago

By: Lilly Hamilton

The Interrupters

This documentary is focused on 3 violence interrupters in the neighborhoods of Chicago, which is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. One of the neighborhoods they devote their time to (which is the setting for most of this movie) is Englewood, one of the most broken cities in the entire country. Most people are under the age of thirty, about 98% of the residents in Englewood are black. The unemployment rate (during the time the movie was being made) is at 25.8% causing residents to turn to gangs as a way of income as well as earning respect. Gangs are the cause for most violence and makes the community a very unsafe and dangerous place to live, endangering the lives of innocent children and bystanders. The violence interrupters are here to help reduce the gang affiliations and violence in the area.

My Opinion

This documentary displays the heart-wrenching pain we go through because of gun violence. It happens just about every day, but we learn to deal with it. I enjoyed the movie because it showed viewers how much gang violence effects our community. This documentary accurately shows the suffering we go through because of the lives we have lost due to gun violence. The Interrupters was filmed as a way to bring attention to the subject of violence so we can work together to stop it.

Stop. Killing. People.

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