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What's Happening in Class December 9-12

I hope everyone is excited about the upcoming break. I know I am! Not because I don't want to be at school with your kiddos, but because my son, Burke, will be coming home for the holidays. Nothing like family!!

We have a lot of exciting learning occurring the next 2 weeks, so it is important your child be at school if possible. I know this flu virus, and other health issues, are hitting everyone hard right now, but honestly, I miss my students when they are not at school!

We are really encouraging washing hands, washing hands, washing hands! It is important for students to use tissues, ONCE, then throw away. When coughing and sneezing, and tissues are not an option, students should cough into the corner of their arm, at the elbow. We are still having students coughing without covering their mouth at all, or covering using their hands. I am trying my best to keep your child healthy at school. We are wiping down tables/computers daily.

Reading: We will be investigating holiday traditions around the world. We will be connecting, hopefully, with some other countries, to share our traditions and learn from them.

Writing: We are currently working on opinion/persuasive writing. Our final piece will be a persuasive letter, to Mrs. Houf, persuading her to purchase the world map your child researched. This map will be in the hallway, for all to see, to document all the connections our students make with students from around the world.

Spelling: We will be working on adding the suffixes, -ed and -ing to base/root words. We will be working on the spelling strategies needed to spell these words correctly.

Math: Today we took a pre-test on Unit 5: Multiplication and Division. This will me determine the level of understanding for each student. The students will correct their missed problems on the Unit 4 test tomorrow. You should get them by the end of the week. Please work on multiplication facts with your child. I will put together a list of suggested activities, you can do at home, to make practicing multiplication facts fun for all. I will send to all when I have finished.

Science: We will be finishing up our electricity unit. The students will write a letter home explaining all they have learned throughout the unit. This will help them study for their test. Their test will be next Thursday.

**Hour of Code*** Our class will be creating a challenge using coding. More details to follow!! We are excited to participate with students from around the world!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 10th: Musical Auditions after school (permission slip needed)

Friday, December 12th: PBS Assembly 8:30am

Wednesday, December 17th: MAP Awards Assembly 2:15pm

Friday, December 19th: End of Quarter: All work due

Friday, December 19th: Last day of school

McIntire Challenge!!!

All of McIntire Elementary has been challenged by Ms. Clark's 5th grade class. Read all about it on this link:

McIntire Challenge