Bearcat Brief

November 18, 2016

From Ms. Buschmann

I don't know if it is the comfort of routine, the weather, the super moon or what, but things have been a little crazy lately. I know that kids are still gettin' after it in class because I see it every day, but let's keep an extra vigilant eye out during those unstructured times like passing periods, recess, and transitions. Please check the restrooms every once in a while, keep one eye on your room and one in the hall during passing times and use active supervision at lunch and recess duty. Kids need to know that you are seeing and hearing them.

We all know that the stress of the holidays can wear on kids and families, so continue to be a positive role model and steady influence on all of our kiddos. I really enjoyed the things we did for American Education Week this week. Be sure to thank the 6th grade group that worked on that. It was particularly nice getting a hand full of thank you notes at the end of the day today.

I won't send another brief next week, so have a great Thanksgiving. I hope you can find some time to rest and relax.

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Upcoming Events


November 28- December 1: 7th Grade Boys Basketball at St. James Tournament

First Game is Tuesday 11/29 at 6:15 vs. Pacific

November 28- December 1: 8th Grade Boys Basketball at Union Tournament

First Game is Monday 11/28 at 6:15 vs. Pacific


December 2- Families in Action Dance (Anyone want to help????)