Grade 2A Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 5 Easter Term: 15th - 19th February 2016

Kindness Week

Our children have enjoyed being 'Kindness Keepers' this week and we have seen many random acts of kindness around school. Ask your child who they had to be extra kind to and what acts they carried out. Do they recall anyone being extra kind to them?

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Global Family Concert is almost here!

We have all been working very hard with our performances and are getting extremely excited to share them with you next week. The teachers are very proud of all the children's hard work, patience, perseverance and self discipline they have shown during our many practices.

Our concert begins at 9.30AM in HS school and lasts approximately an hour.

Please remain in the hall until the concert ends otherwise it can be very distracting for our young performers if the audience are leaving mid act. Thank you for your consideration.


This week in IPC, we have planned and carried out fair tests to investigate which shape of fish move the fastest. We really had to think about which variables to keep the same and which one we were going to change. Ask your child how they kept their test fair.

When we carried out the tests, we used the slide and running water to emulate a river. The tests were fun and the children enjoyed seeing if their fish won their race or not. We then discussed our results and formed conclusions.

Next week we will look at classification and how to use a classification key. We will also determine differences between freshwater and saltwater creatures.

Language Arts

We have begun our unit on Information Writing this week. Thank you for your help getting the children so knowledgeable about their chosen animals.

If you did not get the opportunity over the holidays, it is not too late! Please help your child become an expert on an animal. Knowing facts such as, what it eats, where it lives, how long it lives for etc will help with writing over the next few weeks.

Over the next few sessions, the children will be recording all their known facts, looking carefully at contents pages and how authors organise information, with a view to creating an information booklet by the end of the unit.

As part of our unit on 'All About' Books (informational writing), we have been immersing the children in non-fiction texts during our reading time. In particular, how authors organise their information. This will help us with our end goal of the children understanding paragraphs. When reading with your child, please pay close attention to contents pages and how information is grouped.

In spelling, we have had great fun playing homophones bingo! By the end of Grade 2, the children are expected to know the differences between, to, two and too and they're, their and there and use them accurately in independent writing. The bingo was a fun way to reinforce these tricky words.


This week the children began solving two step problems. They have been following the RUCSAC (Read, Underline, Choose, Solve, Answer, Check) and bar model method to understand that each problem has two steps. They have been taught to recognise when it has two steps, breaking it down into two single problems. Following this, they then focus on each step at a time, drawing a bar model for each step.

Most of the problems that the children have been solving require them to use a different bar model for each step. You can support your child by asking them, what is the appropriate model to use? Find the whole from two parts (part, part, whole - addition), find one part, from the whole and one part (part, part, whole - subtraction) or the comparison (using more or less).

There is a fantastic app 'thinking blocks', you can also use it through the website to play on the computer. We use it in class, it is used as a different approach that aids understanding. Please make sure your children is only on the addition and subtraction section.

The children have also worked on their mental maths practicing their multiplication and division rapid recall for the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10's tables. As well as doubles and number bonds to 1000.

Home Learning

All homework is now on our VLE, but usual routines still apply.


Celebration of Learning at home this weekend!

Please remember to send back to school all your child's books on MONDAY. We really hope you enjoy looking at them together and celebrating their work.

Upcoming events

25th February: Global Family Festival Day

2nd March: Parent conferences 2CDa / Specialist teacher conferences

7th March: Trip to S.E.A. Aquarium - New cost $30.

8th March: Sports Day