April 13, 2018

Hello Vanguardians!!

Busy?!?!? Teachers aren't busy this time of year, right? Just Kidding! Knowing how busy teachers are this time of year, make me APPRECIATE even more how smoothly the iPad Inventory Audit started. We have already been able to catalog all the devices that have come in!

Take time to read all about the upcoming Vancademy Awards! Formal invites for you and your principals should arrive next week. Get those RSVPs back, ASAP!

This week's VanWeekly is late, HOWEVER it is very full of very important information. take the time to read it all the way!

Enjoy the weekend!


PS- Can't wait to see all of you at the VANCADEMY AWARDS!!

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New INFO This Week in the VanWeekly

  • Points! Need them? Here's How to Get Them!
  • Apple Event Teacher Tuesday: iWorks
  • Twitter Chat Meet Up- Local Q and Brew
  • Coaching Log 3
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Points! Need them? Here's How to Get Them!

We are nearing the end of the school year and many Vanguardians are just a few points away from their 50 activity points and 50 coaching points by April 30! Below is a list of ways to get your last few points!

Activity Points:

  • Twitter Chat- April 26 (5 points chat, 3 points in-person)
  • Apple Teacher Tuesday Avalon (15 points)
  • Apple Teacher Tuesday Lenox (15 points)
  • April Monthly Meeting (1 point)
  • RSVP to the Vancademy (1 point)

**Keep an eye out for bonus points in the upcoming Vanweeklys

Coaching Points


When: 6:00- 7:00

Apple Avalon: April 17

Apple Lenox: April 24th

The power and flexibility of iPad give students the freedom to explore and express new ideas whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. And built-in apps and intuitive software create an incredibly personal learning experience for each student — one that can be as unique as each student.

Join us to learn more about the update to iWorks featuring the Apple Pencil. Hardware will be provided during the workshop.

#VanPoints- 15

SIgnup Genius

#FCSVANGUARD Chat:- In-Person and Online

Topic: "Best Buys for Technology"

Thursday, April 26th

7:30 p.m.

Local Q and Brew (formerly Five Seasons)

3655 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, GA

Remember, all of your tweets need to contain: #fcsvanguard

Be prepared for the participation link at the VERY END! #VanPoints

(In Person: 5 Bonus Points)

Vancademy Awards Information

The Vancademy is quickly approaching. We are so excited to celebrate YOU!!!


We need a head count so please take a second and RSVP below.

Award Nominations:

We need your help in nomination yourself or a fellow Vanguardian! The nomination process is very simple and anonymous. Submit nominations through the Vancademy button below.

Showcase Presenters:

We have changed the application a little to make it easier for you and for us to provide variety and choice in your presentation style. Please reach out with questions! We are looking for 20 presentations and have only 1! Due April 16th (This coming MONDAY).

Coaching Check 3 Due

Please make sure you are finishing up coaching check 3. Turn in COACHING CHECK 3 by April 30.

Here is a reminder of the COACHING EXPECTATIONS.

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Previously... In the VanWeekly

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New Member Corner

Thanks everyone for your hard work this semester! It’s almost over!

FCS Vanguard Team

Our mission as a Vanguard team is to build the capacity of FCS educators and leaders to personalize learning through coaching and instructional technology.

Leadership Team