Dead or Alive

Captain Henry Every A.K.A Long Ben

  • Born in England's West County August 23, 1659, little is known about his early life except the fact that he served in the royal navy (1689-1690).
  • Following his discharge from the Navy he started trading slaves along the coast of Africa, known as the "slave coast". In 1693. he was employed as a first mate for the Warship Charles II; Where he began to prey on French ships in the West Indies, this is when his pirate career originally began.

Captain Every's last known whereabouts

  • Last seen in the Bahamas, somewhere around New Providence.
  • He eluded capture, vanishing from all records in 1696, presumed M.I.A

Description Of Ye Pirate

  • Middle-Sized
  • Inclinable to be Fat
  • Jolly Complexion

Cap'n Every's Favorite piratical activities

Seeing how he is a pirate I'm presuming that his ideas of "fun" and hobbies include piratical activities like.

  • Plundering
  • Destroying
  • Torturing
  • Killing
  • Sailing
  • Stealing
  • Winning

Arrgh This be his likes

Assuming again about typical pirates I'm presuming he like.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Spices
  • Diamonds
  • Wealth
  • "The Fancy"
  • His crew

Arrgh Shiver Me timbers dislikes


  • Losing Crew Mates
  • Losing Treasure
  • Getting Swindled
  • Discharge from Royal Navy
  • England's Royal Guard
  • Getting Caught
  • Mutiny

This be where the booty is

His hang outs include

  • New Providence
  • "The Fancy"
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Uncharted Tropical Island

Ahoy begins the infamy

Captain Long Ben was wanted for the theft of over 600,000 pounds which in today's terms s worth around $108,000,000, an crime punishable by death which ultimately was his fate as he died a man in poverty.