By: Caden Elizalde


Followers are called Jewish or Jew's for short.

Central Teachings and Beliefs

Jews practice Prayer, Sabbath or a day of rest for Jews and some Christians, and study Torah, the body of wisdom and law contained in the religious and other sacred and oral tradition.


Some Jews eat kosher foods. (no pork, shellfish, or mixing of meat & milk.

Place of worship

The Jews sacred place of worship is called a temple.

Worship Leaders

Similar to a priest a Rabbi is the worship leader for the Jewish religion. he is trained to make decisions about what is Law some in Judaism.

Holy Book

The Jewish holy book is called a Torah which unlike the Holy Bible is a scroll instead of a book.


In my own opinion the most known Jewish holiday is called Hanukkah, which is a eight day celebration celebrated in November or December. Also Yom Kipper, a period of fasting between September and October, Passover, a holiday that celebrates the freeing of slaves in Egypt that occurs in March or April,and finally Rosh Hashanah, a Jewish new year celebrated in September or October.

Holy Site

Like the other three religions the holy site is in Jerusalem. The Western Wall is the Jew's most holy site.

A Common Religious Figure

One man major to all three religions name is Abraham. He appears in all three of the major religions.

Jewish Music

Jewish Music - Hava Nagila

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