Ric Elias plane crash


The flight

Imagine a big explosion as you climb through 3,000 fit. Imagine a plane full of smoke. Imagine the engine is making weird noises.

Three things happened at the same time. - The pilot lines up the plane with the Hudson River (That's usually not the route) He turns off the engines and he say"brace fot impect".

The 3 things Ric learnd that day:

1. : he says it all changes in a moment, all the things we wanted to do in life, like a bucket list, all the experiences we wanted to have never did.

2. HE learned that day was that he has big regrets, he had a good life so far, he regrets on all the time he waist on things that didn't matter to him.

but he also thought on the people he spend time with and did matter to him.

3. Is when your mental clock starts going and u can see the water getting closer, and suddenly ric felt that dying is not scary like we prepared for it our whole life.

Ric understand that he loves his family and want to be the best father there is.

Some Thoughts

So I am asking you now- imagine yourself that you were on the plane, what would you do? , what would you think to fix your life?

- If i were in Ric's Situation i think i were reacted in the same way because ric really emphasizes what is important in life.

Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed