Community Helpers

Mrs. Metzger's Second grade class project with Miss Selegue

During my time in the classroom the children and I discovered many things about community helpers. They did activities, created a web, took a walking field trip around town and then presented the information they learned with the first grade class and the principal.

This took us many weeks to complete. Each week they discovered something new about community helpers and how they help us personally.

This newsletter provides pictures and information about the things he children did in the class.

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Topic Web

Here is a picture of the topic web that the children made. They listed many community helpers and gave brief definitions of what these helpers did for our community

Walking Field Trip

The pictures above are from the classes walking field trip we took. The KWL chart was used to show what the children already knew about community helpers, then what the children want to know about helpers and after our walking field trip we completed the L part which was what the children learned from our trip.

We were able to go to Jeff's Automotive Shop. The children were able to see their Tool truck, watch a tire get changed and learn about the computer system they use.

We also stopped at Montell's Pizza and Drive Thru were the children got to see he kitchen and learn how Montell's makes pizzas and other items to sell.

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These are just a few of the books the children used to research information about Community helpers. Other books that were brought in were about Veterinarians, Doctors, and Nurses. These were used to help the children gather information to share during their presentation.


After we took time to do research and other activities to investigate and learn more about many types of community helpers the children were split up into groups and chose a community helper to present. They created a representation of their community helper and worked as a team to equally share information with their audience. We invited Mrs. Wills' first grade class and Mrs. Householder to see our presentations.