Teen Drug Addictions


About Addictions

Some of the addictions are substance use. Most teens fond of these substances are younger than the age of 18. Parents who engage their children are less likely for the kids to smoke,drink, or use different types of drugs. Quite a few teens use intoxicants to relieve stress. Teens and young adults are more likely to be provoked to do drugs or to take risks including smoking,drinking, or other stress relievers. Now that drugs and illegal substances are available to teens more and more use them because it's there. Because it's available, teens can't help but be provoked by drugs and alcohol. Teenage brains aren't as matured as adult's so using these substances can delay growth and development of the brain. It only takes one time for an addiction to be started. When people take theses substances, they're never in their right mind

The majority of the teens devoted to intoxicants don't even know it. Some don't even want to believe it. Some wake up not knowing what had happened the day before. To get help people should go to treatment facilities for the help that they deserve and need.

Present day connection

Many people have died from alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses. Former singer Whitney Houston died from drug intoxication while drowning. Former actor Cory Monteith died from combing drugs. Past actress Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 from prescribed drugs. A great deal of people die from overdose.

Addiction's impact on society

Drug overdose is more common to kill an average teenager. Overdose takes lives unexpectedly. Deaths from overdose have been increasing rapidly. Hundreds of people die every day just from overdoses.

Fun Facts

  1. Injury is an affect from drugs and alcohol.
  2. Kids who have a strong bond with their parents aren't likely to take drugs and drink alcohol.
  3. Drug overdoses occur more often than traffic accidents.
  4. Just because a teen is smart doesn't mean they aren't at risk to drink alcohol and take drugs.
  5. Ever day 105 people die from overdose just in the United States.


Cory Monteith in 2013 confronted his problem of substance abuse and admitted himself into a facility for treatment.He started the substance abuse at the early age of 12. The same year of 2013 he had completed his treatment. Nearly 4 months later Cory was found dead in his hotel room. Cory died from combining different types of drugs.


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