Apps for Student Centered Learning

5 Apps to Enhance Student Centered Learning

1. Animation Creator HD

This app allows you to create the animation for a story, as well as add audio. In a school setting, this app could be used in an art class. It could be tied into other subjects, such as english or science, by drawing a story that was read in class or what they are learning about.

2. MindBlowing

This app is for making mind maps using text, pictures, and videos. It could be used by students to make a mind map to show connections between what they are learning either in different classes or just how different things from the same class tie together.

3. Sock Puppets

With this app, you record audio and a sock puppet of your choice will lip sync to match the voice. As these videos can be exported to YouTube, this app could be a way to make oral presentations more fun and less scary.

4. Evernote

This app has many possibilities. It allows people to take notes, write on PDF files, store audio notes and pictures, and more. In a classroom, this tool could be used for students to take notes during lectures. It would be easy to organize notes from different classes and use a variety of media.

5. Videolicious

This app allows people to make videos. Video clips, pictures, and audio can be put together easily with Videolicious. In a classroom setting, this could be used for group presentations. Students could put together a video to present in front of the class.