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SHS in 2016

1. Quizizz

If you like to make your own assessments, or even if you don't, you and your students will love Quizizz. If you are familiar with Kahoot, you'll find them very similar but with a few major differences. Quizizz allows self-pacing and can be completed at any time.

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2. Slides Carnival

Get awesome Themes and Templates for your Google Slides or PowerPoint Presentations for FREE from Slides Carnival.

4. Gmail Notifications for Students

5. Managing Late Work and Revisions

Are you sometimes overwhelmed or annoyed at the amount of time you spend trying to find assignments that were submitted after the original due date? Students miss due dates for a variety of reasons, and sometimes revisions are valid, but it doesn't make the sifting process any less frustrating. Would a Form like this help you out? If you are interested in this type of classroom management, make your own copy here. Once you've created your own copy, go to Add-Ons and add Form Notifications. You can configure this Add-On to email you (or any email address) when new submissions are made.

The original blog post from Adam Schoenbart.

7. Keeping up with Google

If you've not tried the new Google Forms, give yourself a little extra time when building your next Form, and see how it goes. You might find some things frustrating, but overall, it is a simpler interface. The new Forms isn't quite as robust as the old Forms just yet, but new features will come online periodically. Remember, if you're in the new view and want to go back to the old view, click on the person in the lower left corner. Eventually, though, that will disappear and our only option will be the new Forms, so try to get acclimated while you can.

Flubaroo is an autograder for Google Forms, and has added some swanky upgrades lately:

Google Classroom is broadening its horizons by allowing integration with services and sites you might already use in your curriculum. Look for Classroom integration and find easier ways to bring these sites into your Classroom.