Learning Styles


A visual learning style is that of a person who feels they learn more efficiently when they have a visual aid to portray information and support the text presented. Many may acquire this particular learning style if they feel as if they learn in a more enjoyable and faster manner when they have and image or video of some kind to view in order to learn new information as it is likely to be more interesting than just reading text from a page.


An auditory learning style is for people who learn quicker and overall, more efficiently with an audio backup of some kind to deliver information. This may be the case if people to struggle to learn well when reading from a page of text and need more to take in all of the information successfully. this may come in the form of a podcast which is convenient for users as they can listen to it while doing other activities, some may also use this as an aid to fall asleep which can be very helpful for casually learning new information.


A kinesthetic learning style means to have a physical interaction with something to support information being learned. For example, this would be the preferred learning style of someone who is very 'hands on' and enjoys constructing and building things in order to learn new skills and experience. This can make it much easier for some learners to grasp a particular concept and further understand a subject.

Awareness of Your Learning Style

It can be very important to identify which learning style applies to you the most in order to be most efficient when learning new information and new skills. If you do not identify your learning style it may become very difficult to successfully learn new information and the learning process can be quite frustrating if not carried out under the influence of the correct learning style.