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April 2018

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Reading to a Child Really does Change their Brain!

You've probably heard it often from teachers and doctors how important it is to read to your child, but now there is scientific proof to back it all up. Research found that reading to children at a young age activates the part of their brain that helps with mental imagery and understanding narrative. Both of these help with language development and literacy!

While the research study on this is still fairly new, one thing is certain; reading to children can do nothing but benefit them!

Want to learn more? Check out the original article published in the Huffington Post:

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Test Prep Tips: Helping your child feel READY!

Just by taking these few extra steps, you can relieve your child of the nerves that come along with taking a big test!

The Physical

1. Get them fed

2. Get them moving

3. Get them breathing

4. Get them to bed on time

The Mental

1. Practice their confidence

2. Put piecework into action

3. Unplug already!

The Emotional

1. Offer support

2. Review results together

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Did you know that we have a room FILLED with materials to help your child at home? We have anything from math games to easy readers. Our resource room is filled with many options to help with whatever skill your child may need extra help with. The best part is it is FREE to use, simply stop by the school and you can check-out what you need and take it home with you the same day. Simply return the materials whenever you are finished with them.

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