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Lyoness is BOOMING in Minnesota!

Big things are happening in Minnesota! Cub Foods and all of your local Super Valu stores are now a participating merchant in Lyoness! We all need to eat, and most of us already shop at one of these locations! All Lyoness shopping at Cub Foods is also compatible with Cub Foods' "my Cub" rewards program, so if you love myCub Rewards, you will love Lyoness just as much! Let me help you get your first $50 Cub Foods card and start your Lyoness cash back rewards, right away! Call me (651) 398-1303

Lyoness is ready for the masses! :)

Lyoness Webinar Dec 2013

Amazing news is always coming!

Even some of the things said in the short video above have been improved! For example, the virtual cards are now available up to $500 with a $4.95 fee making them JUST AS valuable as a card that is mailed to you! You can receive your card number and pin in hours with no shipping fee! Also, right now (not sure how long), we have a special coupon code that allows you to waive all standard mail shipping costs for cards that are mailed to you. Normally that fee is $1.99 as mentioned in the video, but right now, it can be waived. So don't let anything you hear distract you from the INCREDIBLE value it is to be a Lyoness member! Let me help you get started today! Call Brian at (651)-398-1303

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