The Hardy Herald Week 32

May 3, 2021

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Important Dates and Updates

5/3 - 5/7- Teacher Appreciation Week- May 3 - May 7

5/4- Boosterthon Fundraiser Kick-off

5/6- HES Family Engagement Night- Virtual Paint Night with Ms. Meissner aka "Ms. M"

5/7- Teacher Work Day- No School for Students

5/10- Progress Reports Issued

5/12- School Nurse Appreciation day

5/20- Kindergarten Information Night

Friday, 5/7- No School

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Effective April 30, 2021, Isle of Wight County Schools has made masks/face coverings for students and staff optional while participating in outdoor activities such as recess, outdoor PE, and athletic events and practices. IWCS students and staff will continue to practice social distancing outside and should avoid congregating in large groups. The revisions are based on revised CDC guidance, which eased outdoor mask guidelines earlier this week.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teaching this year is harder than it has ever been before. Not only are teachers charged with preparing students academically, but they are also tasked with teaching in an entirely new way by using new platforms during instructional delivery. Most are trying to reach students who don’t have WiFi, who are suffering from mental health issues, who have sick family members or parents who are out of work. All teachers, hybrid and virtual, are working HARD to make their students feel connected, enjoy school and have a sense of normalcy during this pandemic.

For Teacher Appreciation Week this year, be sure to show your gratitude to your child's teacher loud and clear. Don't forget your child's Instructional Assistant, if applicable, Special Education, Speech, Title I Reading and favorite Resource Teacher! Here are a few ways you can celebrate teacher appreciation in-person and virtual:

  • Drop off a gift at school in the front office
  • Create a video shout out to the teacher
  • Create a slideshow
  • Send flowers, edible arrangement
  • Send a card with a gift card
  • Send an e-gift card
  • Write a letter or send an email- Click on the link for a template
  • Create a TikTok with friends or family celebrating your teacher.
  • Share a virtual Kudoboard with pics, gif, and more using offer code: ThanksTeachers2020.
  • Write a poem
  • Make a shirt with this iron-on Super Teacher design and send it to your child’s teacher to remind them of how much of a hero they are.

Thank A Teacher Campaign

Take a few minutes to send a thank-you note to a teacher you value in support of National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3 – 7. You can send a hard-copy or electronic notecard.

All the details are here: or click on the picture below to be directed to the website. Teachers can enter a code from the thank-you note they receive for a chance to win one of two amazing Virginia vacations, courtesy of the Virginia Lottery and $5,000 in credit for their schools, courtesy of The Supply Room!

Family Engagement Paint Night

Join us on Thursday, May 6 for a FUN family paint night! Our very own Ms. Martin-Meissner aka Ms. M, will be leading us through this process as we paint our hearts happy. All supplies will be sent home with hybrid students on Thursday, May 6.
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Hardy families!

This is Ms. Denson. I hope everyone is doing well and I wanted to let

you know about the Hardy DanceFit that is kicking off ON TUESDAY! We are so

excited about this event because it will be fun for all of our students—they’ll take part in

a character program, all participate in the Hardy DanceFit where they’ll complete 30-35

dance minutes, and we’ll all get a needed boost of school spirit, too!

Our school has always relied on fundraising to provide an excellent educational

experience for all our students. Our goal for Hardy DanceFit to raise $12,000 for

Assisting Student Celebrations and Giving 10% Back to Teachers.

If this is not the right time to financially give, we completely understand. Sharing about

our fundraiser online IS supporting our fundraiser. You’ll learn more about how to easily

do that on as we get closer to our start date, which is on TUESDAY, 5/4

Donating Is Open!

Register on FUNRUN.COM , SHARE, & GIVE!

Thank you for having fun with us during our Hardy DanceFit. And go, Mustangs!

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Summer Blast at Parks and Recreation

Click on the buttons below to learn more about the Summer Blast program with Isle of Wight Parks and Recreation. This program is designed for students in Kindergarten to fifth grade.

3rd and 4th Grade SOL Testing Schedule

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Lunch Menu - April & May

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School Nurse Day, May 12, 2021

Take time to show your appreciation to our dedicated and very own Nurse Cowan on Wednesday, May 12. If you think school nursing is all about Band-Aids and record-keeping, you haven't been inside a school lately. Have you ever heard of COVID-19 and contact tracing???

The job of a school nurse this year was unlike any other year! A typical schedule this year included COVID symptom tracking for students and staff, contacting parents, speaking with parents and other nurses, COVID nurse training, immunizations, health care screenings, hearing and vision testing; dealing with home accidents, diseases such as diabetes and asthma, and preventing the spread of disease through blood exposure.
For some students, the school nurse is the only health care professional they ever see.

Please show your appreciation to Nurse Cowan on May 12 by showing your appreciation.

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Family Night In with ST Math

Hardy Families!!!

Gather around the computer screen for a family evening of math, puzzles, and fun! From diving deep into the neuroscience of spatial-temporal learning to playing a couple of practice puzzles with our penguin mascot, JiJi, your community won't want to miss out.

Click on this link and attend one of the events we'll be doing four over the next month.

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Meal Distribution Reminder

Isle of Wight County Schools has been granted the ability to continue distributing free meals to all students, regardless of financial situation. The division will distribute free meals to families on Fridays at three locations—Georgie Tyler Middle School in Windsor, Smithfield High School, and Carrsville Elementary. Meals can be picked up from 10:00am to 2:00pm at all three locations. Parents will receive 5 days-worth of breakfasts and lunches for each child.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday at SHS, GTMS, or Carrsville Elementary.

Cool Interactive Tool for Parents and Covid Guidance

Hardy Parents,

Check out the new resource below for parents. This can be done from your smartphone or computer and it would help with the decision making for sending your child to school. Click on the link below:

Should I Keep my Child at Home?

We wanted to take this time to remind you about the symptoms related to COVID-19. We've updated the daily home screening document and included all the symptoms identified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) related to COVID-19. The new document is attached to this message.

Parents are urged to keep their children at home if a child is showing one or more of any of these symptoms. The goal is for our students to come to school on the in-person continuum, but this will only be achieved if individuals who are sick stay home and avoid contact with others. This includes students living in the household with individuals who are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms on the daily home screening. Again, our goal is to help protect our community and school by staying home when we are sick. Please email your child's teacher and Nurse Cowan at if your is sick and will not be in school.

Thank you for keeping our schools safe!

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2021 – 2022 Learning Center Preschool Program

The Learning Center applications are now being accepted for the 2021 – 2022 school year. This program is designed for children who have experienced or may be exposed to factors that could negatively impact their school success. The Learning Center preschool program addresses student's physical, academic, social, and emotional needs. All families are encouraged to apply, but slots will be filled based on student need. Parent/Guardian participation is expected in the following ways: parent-teacher conferences, family workshops, and other forms of open communication. Please complete the form below to register for preschool.

Ongoing Reminders

  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED for all adults and students 5 years and up.
  • Visitors will not be allowed in the building without a mask AND and Identification.
  • If you would like to schedule counseling sessions with our AMAZING School Counselor, please complete the form here. The form is also listed below under the heading Hardy Elementary School Counseling Form. Sessions are held via zoom or in-person for hybrid students.
  • School hours are 8:25 AM -3:30 PM. Students can arrive starting at 8:25 AM. Students may not be dropped off prior to 8:25 AM. If you bring your child to school after 8:55 AM, you must escort them inside to the office and complete a tardy slip.

  • Please see nurse Nancy Cowan for prescription medicine intake. All medicine must be accompanied by a parent and include a physician’s prescription. Students are not allowed to transport medicine to school.

  • Breakfast is served in the classroom starting at 8:25 AM each morning.

PTA Information

Hello Hardy Families!

With our new year at Hardy Elementary, PTA membership enrollment is now open! This year, membership enrollment is available online and drastically discounted! The price this year to join is only $3.75 per person! Follow the link or visit the Member Hub store and join the PTA today!

Hardy Elementary School Counselor Corner

Remind Notification App

Are you receiving the most up to date school information and notifications from administration and teachers? The Remind app allows you to stay on top of what’s happening at school and in the classroom. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can receive important school updates right on your phone. Click here to sign up with the Hardy Elementary school code.

IWCS COVID-19 Dashboard

The purpose of the IWCS COVID-19 Dashboard is to provide families and staff with a transparent summary of COVID-19 cases. Click on the the link for more information.

Hardy Construction Tracking Plan

The journey to the new Hardy Elementary School is underway, and Hardy is happening! Click on the video below to hear Dr. Thornton discuss the current timeline for the project and explain a few of the important dates to come. Follow along with us to stay up to date on everything that is happening with this exciting project by clicking on the picture below.
Construction of the New Hardy Elementary School

Click on the link above to view floor plans and preliminary images of the new school.


  • November 2020--January 2021: Architects complete building design; Value Engineering takes place

  • February 2021: Code review for project; Value Engineering comments addressed

  • June 2021*: Resubmit plan to Building Official; CONSTRUCTION BEGINS!

  • Construction updates and photos will be posted monthly

  • December 2022: FINAL COMPLETION!

*The date for the start of construction has moved from March to June because of an addendum to the Request for Proposal (RFQ). Groundbreaking will begin in June. The delay does NOT impact the Final Completion date.

Hardy is Happening!!

Attendance for All Students


We wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone about the attendance process for students participating in the A/B Hybrid Model or in 100% Virtual Learning. In response to the changes with in-person learning, attendance procedures were modified this year to support the different learning models.

For A/B Hybrid Students:

  • Days students are scheduled to be in school (synchronous days)--Students need to physically be in the classroom to be marked "Present" If they are absent, they should bring a note from a parent or a health care provider when they return to school.
  • Days students are learning from home (asynchronous days)--Students are marked "Present" when work assigned for that day is complete. Student work turned in within 5 days of the due date will be used to demonstrate attendance. If there is no assignment for a class on an asynchronous day, the student would be considered "Present" for class on that day.

For 100% Virtual Students:

  • Days students are scheduled to Zoom for class (synchronous days)--There are several ways students may be counted present:
    • Students need to participate in the Live Zoom session to be marked "Present."
    • Students unable to participate in the Live Zoom but turn in the assigned work within five days will be marked "Present."
    • Students absent from a Live Zoom, and no work is assigned that day, may have the absence excused with a note from the parent.
  • Days students are not on Zoom (asynchronous days)--Students are marked "Present" when work assigned for that day is complete. Student work turned in within 5 days of the due date will be used to demonstrate attendance. If there is no assignment for a class on an asynchronous day, the student would be considered "Present" for class on that day.

We realize the attendance procedure is more complex this year than during a traditional school year. However, the modifications allow flexibility for students and also address concerns for students who are unable to participate in live Zoom sessions for virtual learning. Students are held accountable for their work and we need your assistance to make sure they are completing their assignments. Teachers and principals will be reaching out to parents regarding missing grades and discussing strategies for improvement. Please take advantage of the PowerSchool Parent Portal for checking on your child's grades on a regular basis.

This year is certainly presenting many challenges for everyone. In spite of the unusual situation, our goal is to keep students on track with their learning. I am confident that we can accomplish this by all of us working together. Thank you for your continued support of your child's education during these challenging times.

Director of Community and Media Relations

Isle of Wight County Schools

820 W. Main St.

Smithfield, VA 23430

757-365-1611 (o)

757-603-1904 (c)

Daily Home Screening

We wanted to take this time to remind you about the symptoms related to COVID-19. We've updated the daily home screening document and included all the symptoms identified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) related to COVID-19. The new document is attached to this message.

Parents are urged to keep their children at home if a child is showing any of these symptoms. The goal for Isle of Wight County Schools is to bring more students back into our buildings as soon as possible, but that will only be successful if individuals who are sick stay home and avoid contact with others.

Help protect your community and your school by staying home when you are sick.

Thank you for keeping our schools safe!

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Hardy Elementary School

Hardy Elementary is a GREAT school. Our vision is to create a learning environment that will enable each child the ability to discover his/her own unique gifts and talents. This is done by creating flexible learning spaces, ongoing communication between families and teaching our students how to be GREAT (Growth, Respect, Empathy, Accountability and Trustworthiness) and demonstrate GREAT citizenship.