Texas Revolution Battles

Christina Nguyen TX History 4th Block

Battle of Gonzales

Military commander in Texas received word that the American colonists refused to surrender a cannon. During the fighting Castaneda arranged a parley with Texas commander. The Texans were fighting to keep their cannon and to uphold The Constitution of 1824.

Goliad Massacre

The Goliad Massacre, the tragic termination of the Goliad Campaign of 1836. The Texans victory at the Battle of San Jacinto sustaining the independence of the republic of Texas. The execution of James Fannin. Jose De Urrea, commander of Santa Anna's right wing. The first prisoners taken by Urrea were the survivors of Francis W. Johnson's party, captured at and near San Patricio.

The Alamo

The siege and final assault of the Alamo. the Battle of the Alamo included David Crockett, James Bowie, William B. Travis and Mexican leader Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Federalist army of Texan immigrants, American volunteers, and their Tejano allies had captured the town from a Centralist force during the siege of Bexar. With that victory, a majority of the Texan volunteers of the Army of the People left service and returned to their families.

Battle of Coleto Creek

The battle of Coleto, the culmination of the Goliad Campaign of 1836, occured near Coleto Creek. The Mexican advance causes Texans to abandon the part of Copano. James Fannin recieved word that the Alamo has fallen.