Resource Therapy International

Train with Professor Gordon Emmerson in Bali - March, 2015

Join Dr Gordon Emmerson in Bali & Gain a Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy or Become an RT Trainer

Whether you are new to Resource Therapy (advanced Ego State Therapy), you have completed Foundation Training, or you are a Diploma or Clinically Qualified RT / EST Therapist, you are invited to attend this RTI training in Bali.

This program includes accommodation, affordable price structures and bonus training options, including a special discount available to members of the AHA until January 30th, 2015.

If you would like to join Dr Emmerson for training in Bali next year, please read on as places are limited and filling fast...

4 Programs to Choose From & The Option to Bring a Friend to Share Your Accommodation

We warmly invite you to join us at the beautiful Pertiwi Resort & SPA on Monkey Forest Road in the cultural heart of Ubud, Bali - Your Accommodation is included.

Come join us and enjoy Bali's gentle, artful and spiritually light surrounds.

Here are 6 added reasons to join us in Bali...

1. Attend training and receive an excellent discount depending on your accommodation period (from $120 discounted if you stay for 3 nights, to $800 discounted from your full fees if you stay for 20 nights) when you share your accommodation with a fellow student. I.e. if you attend the full clinical qualification of 10 Days / 13 Nights and share with a fellow student, you will each receive $520 off your full program fee.

2. Not sharing with a student, but would love to bring a non-studying friend (perhaps your spouse would like a Bali holiday) to share your accommodation? You are invited to do this at no extra charge. Your friend/partner will even get free breakfast daily, as will you.

3. Students receive a chef prepared 3 course resort lunch daily on all training days as well as morning and afternoon tea/coffee and snacks. (included in your program fees)

4. Get a 100% rebate on your taxi fare transfer fees from the airport to the resort and back (please check the restriction details on this).

5. Refer another student and receive a 15% discount off the balance of your own program fees as well as your referred student's fees. A combined saving of 30%! Please note this discount is only available if the friend you refer registers to attend too. Idea: Refer a friend, enjoy a combined 30% discount and share your room together to receive a further discount each (see #1 above) Please Note: conditions and exceptions exist for this offer. I.e., if you are attending with some other discounts such as previously attended and repeating training half price tuition discount, you would not qualify for the 'refer a friend'. Please ask us if you have any concerns about this.

6. If you are a member of the AHA and really want to join us in Bali... We have made a special Early Bird extension for our friends at the AHA. Because many of you have only recently heard about our Bali training program, we want to give you a fair chance to enjoy the early bird discount others have enjoyed. Normally the EB $100 discount closes on December 10th, 2014. Now AHA members can enjoy an extension to January 30th. Whether you choose the EB discount or not, the balance of fees for this program are due on or before February 10th, 2015.

Whether you are new to RT, Foundation Trained, or you are already practicing as a Clinical Resource Therapist (or Ego State Therapist), training with Dr Emmerson in Bali is going to be an amazing experience and a wonderful way to receive your further training Certificate/s.


FOUNDATION TRAINING: Sunday 15th - Wednesday 18th March

Arrive at Pertiwi Resort on Sunday March 15th and attend the 2 Day Foundation Training with Dr Emmerson on the 16th & 17th of March. Your check-out is next morning on Wednesday 18th of March (unless you would like to stay and enjoy the resort longer!)

FULL CLINICAL QUALIFICATION: Sunday 15th - Saturday 28th March

Arrive at Pertiwi Resort on Sunday March 15th and attend the 10 Day Full Clinical Qualification Training with Dr Emmerson. Training days begin on Monday 16th of March to Friday 20th, followed by a weekend break and resuming on Monday 23rd of March to Friday 27th March. Your check-out is next morning on Saturday 28th of March (unless you would like to stay and enjoy the resort longer!)


Arrive at Pertiwi Resort on Tuesday March 17th and attend the remaining 8 Days of your Full Clinical Qualification Training with Dr Emmerson. You must have already completed a 2 Day Foundation Training to attend this course. Training days begin on Wednesday 18th of March to Friday 20th, followed by a weekend break and resume on Monday 23rd of March to Friday 27th March. Your check-out is the next morning on Saturday 28th of March (unless you would like to stay and enjoy the resort longer!)

ADVANCED CLINICAL AND TRAIN the TRAINER QUALIFICATION (For students have already completed Clinical Qualification Training):

Sunday 29th March - Saturday 4th April

Arrive at Pertiwi Resort on Sunday March 29th and begin your 5 Day Post Clinical training dual certification to become a Certified RT Trainer. This workshop is conducted by Dr Emmerson and includes the official RT Trainers Manual and ongoing support and resources. Training days begin on Monday 30th of March to Friday 3rd of April. Your check-out is the next morning on Saturday 4th of April (unless you choose to stay and enjoy the resort longer!)

Additional Training Opportunities: We are happy to announce two optional training dates available to attendees on Saturday 21st of March and Sunday 22nd of March.

Additional Training I - MSI (full day):

Saturday, 21st March: Metaphoric Symbolised Imagery (MSI) in Resource Therapy,

Presenter: Certified RT Trainer & Clinical Resource Therapist, Peter Richard-Herbert.

Venue: Pertiwi Resort & SPA

Time: 9am - 5pm

Including: Morning/Afternoon Tea/Coffee Snacks and 3 Course Chef prepared Lunch.

Fee: $215 AUD (Add $215 to your program balance.)

Pre-requisite: Foundation Training minimum

Attendee Certificate: AESTA & RTI approved Professional Development Certificate

(Please note: Saturday 21st of March is Nayepi Day in Bali. It is a Day of Silence and as such all of Bali closes down. No-one may leave their respective homes or resorts. Airports close for the day. Shops close. Cafes close. Resorts still operate and so it is very easy to have a lovely relaxing day, soaking up the sun by the pool, or getting in some extra training through the additional training option with Peter Richard-Herbert (above). If the resort is unable to offer us their training venue on this day, you will be duly informed and any money paid toward this additional training program will be fully refunded.

Additional Training 2 - Treating Addiction (Morning - 1/2 Day):

Sunday, 22nd March: How to treat addiction behaviour such as overeating, drug & alcohol, smoking, shopping and gambling using RT

Presenter: Certified RT Trainer & Clinical Resource Therapist, Anna Emmerson.

Venue: Pertiwi Resort & SPA

Time: 9am - 12.30pm

Including: Morning Tea/Coffee and Snacks

Fee: $75 (Add $75.00 AUD to you program balance.)

Pre-requisite: Foundation Training minimum

Attendee Certificate: AESTA & RTI approved Professional Development Certificate

NB: The additional training dates: 21st & 22nd March are entirely optional . You do not need to attend in order to gain RT Qualifications with Dr Emmerson. These training options are provided as for additional professional development whilst studying with us in Bali and PD Certificates will be issued to attendees.



1. If you are new to RT and only have limited time, you might like to begin your journey toward the full Clinical Qualification by joining us in Bali for 2 Days and 3 Nights at Pertiwi Resort & Spa. This course provides the first two of the 10 day training required to gain a Clinical Qualification in Resource Therapy. Choosing this option is ideal if you would like an intensive (possibly also tax deductible) opportunity to learn enough RT theory and therapy to enable you to begin incorporating it into your therapeutic toolbox. You will be given a Foundation Training Certificate on completion of this program. The full price for this option, excluding discounts and Early Bird options is $860.00

2. If you are new to RT and would like to complete the Clinical Qualification, enabling you to practice as a fully qualified Clinical Resource Therapist or Ego State Therapist. You are invited to register into this Intensive CQ training : 10 days / 13 Nights at Pertiwi Resort & Spa. This course may also be fully tax deductible. The full price for this option, excluding special discounts and Early Bird options is $3,940

3. If you have previously completed the 2 Day Foundation Training in EST or RT, you may wish to attend the remaining 8 Days of the full Clinical Qualification to complete your practitioner qualification with Dr Emmerson in Bali. This 8 Day / 11 Nights Intensive training is an opportunity to train with Dr Emmerson and gain full Clinical Qualification as an RT / EST practitioner in the serenity and relaxing surrounds of Pertiwi Resort & SPA in Ubud, Bali. This study option may also be an excellent tax deduction (please check with your accountant/tax consultant). The full price for this option, excluding special discounts and Early Bird options is $3,210

4. If you have previously completed the Diploma or Clinical Qualification in Ego State Therapy or Resource Therapy and you have gained a good level of clinical experience in this therapy as well as having a strong passion to share it with other therapists. You may wish to upgrade your skills and qualifications by attending Dr Emmerson's Advanced Clinical Training and Train the Trainer Workshop. Apart from receiving dual Certification for post clinical studies, you will have achieved all educational requirements needed to practice as an RT / EST trainer. If you have had experience running workshops and can show a strong understanding of RT or EST, you may also be awarded the qualification of Certified Trainer. A Certified Trainer may conduct Foundation, Clinical and MasterClasses in Resource Therapy independently, knowing they will receive support and ongoing resources provided by Dr Emmerson and Resource Therapy International, RTI. RTI is Resource Therapy's International umbrella Association. Resource Therapy is a fast growing modality gaining exponential interest around the world. RT needs more trainers in Australia and world-wide. For practitioners who complete the combined Advanced Clinical TtT program, who have not yet gained experience as workshop facilitators, or enough clinical experience using RT, completing the TtT training is still important, if that is the direction you see yourself going. By completing the TtT educational component you can be a pre-certified trainer who can be quickly and easily upgraded to Certified Trainer when you have gained the necessary experience, without the need for further study. Professor Emmerson is committed to helping therapists gain Certification for the therapy to grow and benefit more people worldwide. If you are not sure if this is the right step for you, we urge you to contact us at: and discuss any concerns or wishes with us at your earliest convenience. This year in Blackwood, Victoria, the very first group of Certified Trainers became qualified. RT now has 12 fully qualified Certified RT Trainers. There are also 9 pre-certified trainers who are ready to assist and gain experience, either clinically or as facilitators in order to upgraded their Certificates as soon as they wish. RT's supportive group of 21 trainers looks forward to the growing alumni of professionals helping to share RT's therapeutic values further afield. Apart from being an excellent professional career move, you will be joining Resource Therapy at its relative infancy as you become an early member of its therapeutic impact both here and worldwide. Join us for 5 Days / 6 Nights at Pertiwi Resort & Spa in beautiful Ubud, Bali. The full price for this training, excluding special discounts and Early Bird options is $2,500.

More FAQ's:

Q. Will all meals be included with my Accommodation at the resort?

A. No. Breakfast daily is included for up to 2 people per room. A Chef prepared resort lunch is included on all training days for training attendees and Morning and Afternoon Teas and Snacks are including on training days only also.

Q. What is the estimated cost of meals during times and days when they are not included?

A. Whilst the resort prices are a little more expensive than the numerous cafes and restaurants available just outside the resort and short walks away, all meals in Ubud are very very cheap compared to our standards in Australia. The food is safe, exquisite at best and very pleasant at worst. There are wonderful choices everywhere, within walking distance of your resort, and you should easily enjoy a sumptuous meal with drinks at well under $10 per head.

Q. Are airfares included in the fees?

A. No, airfares and cancellation insurance is not included at all. Check your flight options via Virgin, Qantas, Jetstar and various other airlines for the best fare availability.

Q. Is travel insurance included?

A. No. Travel insurance and health insurance including accident insurance is completely up to you to get. There are a number of options to choose from and some are more affordable than others. Choose carefully, but make sure you have insurance in case something comes up that is unexpected. A good practice at all times.

Q. How do I get reimbursed for airport transfer taxi fares?

A. You must provide us with a valid receipt from an official tax service (available at the airport) The taxi services you must use should have an meter. Your receipt must reflect the metered charge. From our experience this should be no more than $25 AUD each way. Once you have provided us with your receipt and bank account details, your payment will be transferred into your account within 14 days of receiving both. Please note, this is per taxi. I.e., if you are sharing a taxi with another student you may only apply for your transfer reimbursement for the single fare, not for each person riding.

Q. What if I miss some classes, can I make up for them later?

A. With the exception of having to miss a class due to pre-enrollment into the Academy of Hypnotic Science program that some students have requested (they will be attending the last day of the Clinical with us in Blackwood at a later date to be determined in 2015), you must attend all classes in order to receive your qualification. In some special circumstances, depending on what has been missed, and determined by Dr Emmerson, you may be given a reprieve, through alternative arrangements. This cannot be promised.

Q. I have already done my training with Gordon, but would like to attend again in Bali. Can I get a discount on my fees for this?

A. Yes! We are happy to say that if you have already completed training in a certificate you wish to re-attend, you can be granted 50% discount on the tuition component of your fees. In other words, if you are repeating the Foundation training component you can receive a further $250 discount. If you are repeating the Clinical component excluding Foundation training, you can receive a $1,000 discount from your total fee. If you are repeating the full Clinical and Foundation Training, you can receive a $1,250

discount on your full fee. If you are repeating the Advanced Clinical/TtT, you can deduct $825.00 from your full fee.

Q. Will you be catering to Vegetarians, Vegans and other special dietary needs of attendees?

A. Yes, as much and as far as possible the resort is committed to assisting us to meet the special dietary needs of our attendees. Please make sure you notify us of any special dietary needs you may have.

Q. Can I upgrade to a bigger room or villa?

A. Yes. The rooms we have booked are very pleasant. They are clean and have a private bathroom with hot and cold water. There are TVs in every room, air-conditioning, freshly changed, made and cleaned daily, free Wifi and more. If you wish to upgrade you will need to let us know what room you wish to upgrade to and pay the upgrade difference in price. We cannot guarantee an upgrade of your choice will be available. For upgrade options please go to: for more details

Q. Can I bring a 3rd person to share my room?

A. Yes. You can share your room with up to 3 people maximum. There is a $25 per day extra charge for sharing your room with a 3rd person. All 3 will receive breakfast daily. If you choose to bring one person to share your room, they will receive breaksfast and room at no extra charge.

Q. Can I extend my stay there, and if so, how?

A. Yes. Depending on availability you may extend your stay by arriving earlier than the date of your course, and/or, leaving later. If you would like your room to be booked for extra days by us, you will need to give us as much notice as possible including payment as early as possible. Otherwise you are welcome to contact the resort and negotiate extra days directly through them.

Q. Will i be getting my certificate at the course, while still in Bali, or will it be mailed to me later.

A. Certificates will be mailed in mid April to avoid any problems.

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