Performance Final

Prince Benton(Peace&Love)

The long Run

Media is considered to be a big part of the world we live in today. Many opinions and perspectives are enlightened by media. In my opinion, media is any type of information that is produced to the public using a great platform. The news would be a great example for a great platform that shares media to the public. Many people watch and pay close attention to the news, therefore many opinions can be changed due to the amount of information being produced throughout the day. Everywhere in the world, there is media and many people listen to it. When there is an issue that needs to be resolved in the world or one quickly approaching, the news or social media is always the first to let the population know what is going on. In my opinion, when you are media literate, it means that you understand what goes on in the media and you also know how things work in the media. For example, you can tell the difference between false media and the truth that is presented. Many people really do not know how to do that because they are just very gullible and will believe anything that is told to them on such a great platform. You have to really pay close attention to the media displayed today and how it is portrayed. Being media literate just requires all of those factors when you are watching the news. This is why you should always be involved in social media and tv media.

V for Vendetta

In V’s speech on BTN Network from “V for Vendetta” (Mcteigue), James Mcteigue, director of V for Vendetta, states that there is something terribly wrong with this country and in the process of completing his speech he advises the citizens of government oppressed England to join together in order to fight back against the government(4.). V illuminates this discrepancy by informing the citizens how fear brought them to their knees and give in to the high chancellor who promised them peace and order, in return for their obedient silence (3.). Using examples from the war and how it affected society by putting fear in them, he states the fact that the people need to lose that fear and team up against the government in order to gain their peace of mind back.

Macbeth the flawed Hero pt 1

Macbeth is portrayed as a hero but as the play goes on his qualities, like his devotion to his wife and her needs makes him a good husband, but in this case it backfires due to her greed that becomes his undoing and he becomes flawed.Even though his ambition was the main cause of his downfall, his pride, gullibility,and his paranoia also caused him to be the weak insensitive king that every one hated and thus causing his soldiers to desert him during the battle at Dunsinane hill and his death

V part 2

In V for Vendetta, V's fight against the government and the influential authority figures of London was caused by an injustice he suffered, which involved the use of civilians as test subjects for a virus that would be used in brainwashing the people of that nation into a society that supported oppression and constant surveillance. He fought against the government by informing the citizens of the situation and imploring them to go against the ideals of their government thus causing an uprising.
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Winston The Archetype

Winston is an archetype because he stands for a person that is conscious of what is going on around him. In 1984, Winston is the symbol of the party’s downfall because he thinks for himself, questions things the party does that raises his suspicion which all in all is rare. Due to the party's efforts of achieving the complete obedience of its citizens and in the elimination of what it means to be human in the process, he also represents consciousness that will never be known to the citizens of Oceania because the party makes sure they never think for themselves while they occupy them with distractions. For the proles, they are occupied by the lottery which is fake, the frequent bombings which are said to be from the enemies in the wars, and for the party members, the activities to always keep them busy and the need for different jobs.

O'Brien and Mingrim

I think O’Brien is a victim of power because in reference to Dr. Zimbardo’s experiment and theory about power, people given the power in those kind of situations end up showing a side of them they never thought they were capable of and abusing the power they have been given. In O’Brien’s case, it was what he needed within the party in order to survive and unlike Zimbardo he did not have anyone to make him realize how harsh the experiment was, which allowed him to continue carrying on the experiment. Also in my opinion, O’Brien should not be held responsible for what he did to Winston because if he had not done that, the party would have found someone else to do his job for him and he would have been murdered anyway.

Puppy Love by Budweiser

In the Super Bowl commercial Puppy Love (1/29/14) by Budweiser, suggests that drinking and purchasing the Budweiser beverage can bring two individuals together; whether it is a relationship or friendship. Throughout the commercial, Budweiser shows the puppy and horse’s friendship as well as the owners’ friendship to display the effect of the Budweiser product. Budweiser’s purpose for creating the commercial was to provide a friendly atmosphere when the product is present in order to get fans to buy the beverage and spread the love. The famous brand’s target audience are all fans who love having a good time and consumers of the product while spending time with friends, which is related to the calm and friendly tone of the commercial.

The Reflection

The media literacy course I have taken this year has been a great journey. Coming into this class the third day of the semester, I did not really think that I would be as entertained or learn as much as I did. Before we actually dove into the many lessons and stories of this class, I really had a close mind to be honest. I am sure many people also had the same opinions as I had. My thinking was not really focused on the outside world and everything that has been occurring throughout the world. This class is called media literacy, but we learned a lot more than just the media and news and everything within it. Out of our many smores that we had to write throughout the year, I would like to reflect on the very first smore. We wrote this smore way back in August and it was on the subject on media, which was our first unit. We learned about what media actually was, which included the news and social media and what it meant to be media literate. I learned that the media is such a great and influential platform in the world and many people really do pay attention to it. Throughout my many years in high school, this has been my most favorite language arts class by far. Mainly because of how interactive everyone was and the many activities we participated in. Books like Macbeth and 1984 really opened up my mind and made me think just a little harder about things like corrupt governments, and dystopian societies. To be honest, I do not think that anything should be changed about this class in the future. Just leave everything the way it is and adjust to the better learning of the different types of students that will take this class.

Prince EA not Benton

In Prince Ea's message, "Can We Autocorrect Humanity". He emphasizes how everyone in this day and time is attached to their phones and devices so much that instead of developing a better connection with people, which is the purpose of technology and social media, we are actually disconnecting ourselves from each other which is defeating the purpose of these devices. In order to change the way that we use technology we need to learn how to reconstruct our lives while taking away little by little all of our devices and social media accounts. We have to unplug ourselves physically and mentally for a hour or two a day and make actual friends in life instead of online followers. If we don't we will never become unplugged from the world of social networking. We will be stuck and there will be no turning back. Social media has become addicting within the past decade. Everything we do revolves around it, therefore it is easy to become overpowered by the world of social networking. Although it may be pretty hard, this is an addiction that we Americans must overcome. Well those who notice that there is a problem and are wanting to take charge and change this issue can overcome this crisis. All that is mandatory is the awareness that there is a problem and figuring out ways to fix the problem as a whole. Deleting our social media accounts, getting limited data plans, and plain and simple not going on your phone half as much as usual are effective ways to reduce the amount of usage on cellphones and personal devices as well as computers. In reality, social media is not a negative thing. It gives you more opportunities to connect with friends and the people around you . Social networking is filled with positive things that people take advantage of. In order to take the positives out of social media without becoming a slave to it, is by really just limiting the amount of time you spend on it. If your job requires you to communicate with people across the world, social networking is a very good place to start. You can talk to anybody anywhere. There's so much positivity in it that is just becoming out weighed by all the negativity. Limit your activities and how long you need to do them, and you can get the amazing effects of technology without becoming enslaved to it.