AISW Weekly Parent Update

Week of August 8, 2022

Mark Your Calendar:


Have you purchased Laptop Insurance yet? If not, now is the time! Laptops cost $450 to replace if broken or damaged

First Day of Instruments for Band


Meet the Team night!

  • 5th Grade: 5:30-6:30
  • 6th Grade BCO: 6:30-7:00
  • 6th Grade: 7:00-8:00


Is your son/daughter following the school dress code each day? please help us ensure they are not wearing crop tops? tank tops that have thin straps? short shorts? hats?


  • Food Pantry Open 5-6pm @ East Door 13


  • Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!
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Dates to Remember:

Monday, August 8: First day of instruments for Band

Tuesday, August 9: Meet the Team Night: 5:30pm- 5th grade parents only please, 6:30pm - Band, Choir, Orchestra parent mtg, 7:00pm- 6th grade parents only please; We ask that students not attend.

September 9: Picture Retake Day

Student of the Week: Week of August 8

5th grade:
  • Caroline Moncado
  • Reid White
  • Leah Shamsid-Deen
  • Jamie Bell

6th grade:

  • Dylan Clark
  • Peyton Caplinger
  • Oscar Reyes
  • Jane Hersam

Introducing Mrs. Angie Jones, AISW Cafeteria Manager

Welcome our new cafeteria manager Angie Jones! She is a great new smiling face in our cafeteria and all around the building. The cafeteria is a great place to be and feel welcomed every single day. If you need to reach Mrs. Jones for any reason, please feel free to call West and we can transfer you back to speak with her at any time.

The free/ reduced lunch application can also be found online at CLICK HERE

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Avon Instruments on the Bus Q&A

Do you have changes to your child's transportation?

Parents, if you have any changes to your child's transportation, you must call the front office by 1:30pm. We will not be able to make changes after this time, as all notes are delivered to classrooms by 1:45pm.

Please do NOT call the teacher, leave a voicemail for a teacher or send an email/ parent square message for the teacher, as there is NO GUARANTEE that they will get the message before dismissal. They teach all day and are unable to check messages during the day.

Call the front office at 317 544 5900 with any changes to how you want your child to get home!

Important updates from Food Services:

Free Breakfast/Lunch Program

The US Government program that enabled us to provide free school breakfasts and lunches during the last two school years has expired. Avon Schools will return to our former model for the upcoming school year. We wanted you to have ample notice so you can plan accordingly.

School Meal Prices
Our Food Service team does a tremendous job providing nutritious and affordable breakfasts and lunches for students. Meal prices for the 2022-23 school year are as follows:

  • Grades K-12 Breakfast, $1.85
  • Grades K-4 Lunch, $2.85
  • Grades 5-12 Lunch, $2.95
  • AHS Premium Meal, $3.95
  • Vended Meal $3.60

Free/Reduced Meal Benefit Applications

We are accepting applications for free/reduced meals. Directly certified families have already received a separate message from the Food Service team; they will not need to apply. If you have qualified for free and reduced school meals in the past or if you believe you qualify, please visit to apply.

Laptop Agreement! Please complete and send back to school

Please fill out and return to school the BRIGHT ORANGE laptop agreement that was sent home. Please return to your child's teacher by Friday!
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Purchase Laptop Insurance today!

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Cell Phones, Apple/Smart Watches and Wireless Earbuds:

We recognize that many of our students have cell phones as some of them are going home by themselves after school, etc. We ask that all cell phones/Smart Watches are locked in their lockers and powered off throughout the day. Students have been taught that as soon as they arrive at school the phone goes to their locker and is locked up. When they leave for the day, the cell phone is to stay in their bag until they get in their parent's car and/or get on the school bus.

** If there is an emergency and a student needs to reach you, they will be permitted to use the school phone.

** if you need to leave a message for your child, please call the front office and they will make sure your child is given the message by the end of the day.

In the event they are to have their cell phone out of their locker, the following steps will be taken by the teacher:

  1. First time- warning: the teacher will ask them to go put it in their locker and share that next time it will be confiscated.
  2. Second time- The teacher will ask the student to give them the phone and the teacher holds the phone until end of the day. The teacher returns the phone at the end of the day when the student gets on the bus/ goes to their car in car rider line and reminds the student of the school wide expectations. This will be documented as a disciplinary referral and parents will be notified.
  3. Third time and beyond: The teacher will ask the student to give them the phone and the teacher will take the phone to the front office for a parent/guardian to pick up the phone. The teacher will communicate with the parent to inform the parent that the phone has been out three or more times and now they must pick it up the phone from the front office. This will be documented as a disciplinary referral.

*** If students choose to bring their phones or other devices to school, Avon Schools are not responsible for lost or stolen devices or personal belongings.***

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Register your Kroger card and support AIS West!

AIS West will receive funds from KROGER for every card that is registered! Every time you shop, you are helping AIS West!

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