Winkelman Weekly Update

For the Week of September 7, 2020

Happy Tuesday

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend full of rest and relaxation. This week's update includes a number of updates. Our SLT will meet after school today and a few additional updates will be shared with you this week. We also hope that you have an amazing week with your kids.

Livestreaming Protocol for Quarantined Students

Please see the attached for our live streaming protocol. Live streaming will only be used when students are being quarantined. It is not designed for students who are out sick without quarantining or students who are out of the building for other reasons.

Please refer to the livestreaming expectations for students, staff and parents below. Let Nino know if you need clarification with the live streaming protocol.

Dismissal Pikmykid Implementation Plan-Update

We are almost ready to go with Pikmykid.

Please review the Pikmykid Implementation Plan

All staff must verify their account and view the training video(s). Staff should complete the training videos no later than September 9th. A link has been sent (from Pikmykid) to all staff members to access their accounts.

Information will be sent home to our families on 9/8 and car tags will be sent home along with parent training material on 9/9.

We are excited to get started with PIKMYKID. We are hoping that this makes our dismissal procedures must more smooth and timely.

Contactless Pick Up and Drop Off of Supplies and Materials for Students

Front Vestibule-

We are now offering a means for contactless pick-up and drop off for our in-school and eSchool families. This is located in the front vestibule of Winkelman. Doors open at 7AM and will be closed at 8:00PM.

For remote teachers: There are two pick-up slots and one drop off slot for each remote teacher.

For in-school teachers: Please use the table closest to the office door if you are leaving materials for students to pick up.

We will share this information with families in this week's bulletin. If we have families that haven't picked up school supplies, please let them know they are located in the front vestibule by grade level and they may stop in before 8:00P.M. to pick up supplies.

Outdoor Upgrades

We now have picnic tables and tents up around the school to help facilitate instruction, lunches and masks breaks outdoors. Please feel free to utilize these spaces. If a schedule is needed, we will create one.

Our Peaceful Playground stencils and games have also arrived. We are just waiting for Ed and the guys to paint them on the blacktop area to be used during recess.

The 6 ft' Distancing Playground is a modified outdoor space where children can maintain the 6-foot distancing guidelines if supervised properly by school staff. There are 9 Activity Zones for this outdoor asphalt playground space. All nine zones will accommodate 16-18 students. Sixteen is the target number for each activity zone.

I've attached an example of one of the ladder games. We will let you know what the expected completion date is. Feel free to check out an example of one of the games below.