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The Weekly E-News for Blue Gum House Residents

Home away from home...

The key to making sure BGH feels like a home away from home is being active in the small community. It is great to see so many residents getting involved with the ResLife events, but more importantly organising dinners, films or card nights with each other.

The next two weeks are full of events; please get online to the WuFoo registration so you don't miss out!

As Uni draws closer, begin to think about your study, work and life balance. Creating a study timetable (and sticking to it!) is important, but making time to refresh will help you study more effectively.



Coming up this week!

Monday February 17

5pm Barefoot bowls – Wing Sporting Challenge, Ourimbah RSL, plus dinner provided in cost.

2014 will see monthly sporting competitions between the Wings, competing for the title of the BGH Sporting Champions. The first challenge will take place at Ourimbah RSL in a barefoot bowls challenge. Dinner will follow. Dinner and bowls, $18 (ResLife to subsidise $10/resident) charged to your Accommodation Services account.

Residents will leave at 4:30, walking to the RSL. Bowls to begin at 5pm, dinner around 7pm.

A 10pm curfew will in place.

Tuesday February 18


Wednesday February 19


RAs Community Shield Film Night

6:30pm The ICC Community Shield is one of five shields up for grabs in 2014. Platypus Wing will host the second BGH Community Shield film night. With pizza, popcorn and drinks, donations will be taken and added to BGH’s Community Shield tally. This is about bringing the house together and raising money for a worthy cause. Charity to be decided by the house mates.

Thursday February 20

Beach day – The Entrance, lunch and pelican feeding.

1pm, The Entrance has been a tourist spot for decades. Enjoy a walk along the channel, lunch at The Entrance Hotel and watch the daily pelican feeding at 3:30pm.

Car pool; leaving from BGH at 12:30pm.

Friday February 21

Pancake Friday: Each week throughout the year a pancake breakfast will be hosted by BGH. This is the perfect chance to chat, get to know the other house mates, reflect and generally relax before the weekend. 9am, balcony.

5pm Mini-Golf at Mingara. An evening of putt putt golf, followed by dinner (buy your own). This is a chance to get to know your house mates in a social setting. Dinner at Indigo Restaurant. Accounts will be charged (ResLife to subsidise $10/resident).

Car pool; leaving from BGH at 4:30pm.

Please register!

Residents of the Week

Taylor-Jade for applying to contribute to Yak Magazine;
Harley for leading the Geocaching adventure!


RA Phone:

Please remember to call or text the RA phone rather than either RAs personal phone! The number should be on your phone! 0427025687...

Room Condition Reports: Still a few to come in; please fill them in and pass them onto Julia and Sam!

Maintenance Requests: These have been coming through from your room condition reports; we always try to give you 24 hours notice before a tradesperson will be out to inspect or fix the issue, however, this is not always possible and the need to fix the issue is paramount. I will always let Sam/Julia and any resident know if there is a planned visit. If there is any maintenance issue please inform Sam and Julia asap!


53. Seeking permission for a guest to stay

You may wish to invite someone to stay with you. Your guest cannot be under 18 years of age and you are not permitted more than two guests at any time. You need to register your guest and apply to the Residential Life Manager to have them stay. To register your guest there is an online Guest Registration form that you must complete which can be found on the Accommodation Services website. Your guest can only stay one night during the week or two consecutive nights during the weekend during term. If you do not register your guest or your guest stays longer than two consecutive nights during the week without permission, or causes ongoing issues with your fellow residents, then you will be in breach of these By Laws.

56. Guests and other residents

If you are living in a shared unit with shared common areas, you will need to talk to the other residents in your unit and ask the other residents if it is okay for your guest to stay. Your guest will be permitted to stay unless the majority of the other residents in your unit object.