Rosa Parks

and the Civil Rights Movement

Why this grabbed my attention

This subject grabbed my attention because she did not care what people thought of her, she did not let people tell her what to do. She is a brave woman that actually had the guts to stand up, not only for herself, but for her whole race. She did something that, obviously, no one else could do because they were scared of white people.

Brief History on Rosa Parks

  • Rosa Parks was a Civil Rights Activist
  • Stood up for what she believed in
  • She refused to give her seat up on a city bus to a white passenger
  • Got arrested
  • This started a city wide boycott
  • All black passengers protested by not riding the bus
  • She was involved in non violent protest
  • Bus companies lost a lot of money
  • City of Montgomery had no choice but to lift the segregation laws on the bus
  • She received many awards
  • Rosa Parks legacy

    Rosa Parks affects current society because she stood her ground. I know that she didn't actually make segregation go away but what she did caused a city wide boycott because no African Americans rode the bus and bus companies were losing a lot of money. What that did was make the city of Montgomery have to remove segregation on public buses. That was a step closer to removing segregation everywhere.

    What I learned

    I did not know that that caused all of the African Americans to protest. I also learned that the act of most of the African Americans protesting by not riding the city buses, made the bus companies lose a lot of money because they were losing their business. She was a silent but forceful movement because she was a small lady, not intimidating at all, looked like such a nice lady. No one would ever suspect that type of person to stand up for herself, but she did and she stood up for what she believed in. She knew her rights and she knew that she shouldn't be held second because of her race.