Indian Cooking Classes

Cooking Is ~ Love Made Visible!!

Take a Journey of Spices and Indian Flavors with Anju Chugh

Come prepared to learn the flavors of those unknown spices that have traveled from across the globe to our kitchen!

Pepreka Cooking Classes -10am-11:30 am January 10th, 17th & 31st

This three-Saturday session will take you on a culinary trip to India and back home with recipes, an aromatic experience of spices and a delicious lunch and fun times with a group of friends! What better way to invite old and make new friends over food and chilled wine or hot tea!

Let's cook soul food of an Indian household! Robust with flavors and yet simple!!

Pepreka brings you private classes in the comfort of the beautiful kitchen of BenEfraim residence.

Three classes will be offered so you can learn about the Indian spices, seasonings and their aromas. There will also be a discussion on which spice blends best with what kind of dishes.

You will learn to cook your own Gobhi Aloo (Cauliflower-Potatoes), the little gems... Daal (Lentils), Chicken Lababdar (literally means smothered in sauce), Matar Pulao (Green peas Basmati pulao) cooked to perfection, each grain of rice separate from another and Yogurt-Cucumber Raita. Enjoy this hands on class while you sip your hot Masala Chai Tea!!

Fun & memorable time guaranteed!

Saturday, Jan. 10th 2015 at 10am

Ben-Efraim Residence- 2021 Webster Street, Palo Alto, CA, United States