Biscayne History

What happened before

Boca Chita Key

It is the most popular place to go in Biscayne.Like everything its an island,but this island has an old lighthouse,places to eat,and things to see that will blow your mind.The coral reef is breath taking,and its the beginning to be the 3rd largest coral reef in the world. Basically its one awesome place to visit.One more thing,the lighthouse was built by one of the former owners in the 1930's! Biscayne has been here for a long time why not come and visit!
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The Jones Family

Israel Jones was a caretaker for Walter.S Davies property in Cape Florida. He worked on the Davis Grant and many other places.Some belonged to Dr.John Clayton Gifford and Commodore Monroe.One of Jones sons was delivered by Dr.Henry Jackson who Jackson memorial is named after.This family is an important story in Biscayne because of the Israel's commitment and how he protected the land.

What animals are there in Biscayne?

There are lots of animals in Biscayne.Lets see we have lots of fish & most importantly sea life.Sharks,plants,jellyfish and many more. Check out how many fish there are at
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I created this because well Biscayne was amazing and had a very interesting beach so I wanted other people to see that.