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dear Dr. love

I have read your column for years ,but i never thought i would be writing to you.Iv'e tried going to meetings of "Women who love too much" but i'm still hurting, so I thought maybe you could help me. my problem is that the guy i love doesn't want to be in the same room as me... to him I am just wadded up piece of trash, if only could be like hermia. I love him with all of my heart but he doesnt care.

sincerely, a hopeless lover

Hard to get

My first advice to you is that yuo could play hard to get. Making remarks like "idont need you" and you wish you could have me". With this he may regret not taking you in the first place, but this also could make him think you are stupid because henever liked you in the first place. So dont say i didnt warn you.


My second piece of advice is you could ask him why does he love hermia and she not love him.And with this question he may come to his sences and ask himself the same thing.But with every good opertunity there could also be bad. He just might get mad at you for saying such a thing.

Good luck

In the end the most important thing is to just try but if it doesnt work its not the end of the world. so I wish you good luck, but if it doesnt work out you might just have to get over him.