Cantrell's Classroom Sept 16

Weekly Updates from Mrs. Cantrell's Class

What's Happening in Our Room

We are in full force learning now and our room is totally different from where we were on day one. A few big changes:

  • We are using Schoology. This is our online learning tool to do classwork (similar to Blackboard used in college courses). Students have begun to reply to class discussions, upload docs from their Google drive and are beginning to use it as means of communication in our classroom. Ask your 1st grader about it
  • Google Drive, whew! We have dabbled a bit with Google slides but this week we really learned how to manipulate texts, images, and shapes to meet our needs.
  • We have independent learners. Most of our work in the classroom is done in small groups. This requires the rest of the class to be independently working and they are rockstars with it! Students have choices of completing unfinished work, working on Dreambox or IStation, leveling up on RAZ kids, listening to stories on Epic, writing new stories, or reading their favorite books. It's amazing to see them work hard during that time.

We focused a LOT on technology this week, getting the basics of programs under our belt so that we can dig deeper with the curriculum and integrate when needed. I am always astounded at how quickly six and seven year olds pick up on the lingo, the troubleshooting and the flexibility needed to make it all work together.

One of our upcoming projects will require a digital photo of your family or people in your child's life that are important to him/her. If you haven't already, please email me a photo (candid photos are perfect: selfies, quick snapshots, goofy ones) I'll have them saved to your child's Google Drive for our project. We need these ASAP.

Fall conference schedules will be created in the next 2 weeks and you'll have the opportunity to sign up then. Keep watching your email.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs. C


Picture Day is coming on September 20! Please look for a flyer from Interstate Studio in your child's backpack soon. It will have important details regarding fall pictures.

1st Quarter Sight Words

These are the 13 sight words (high frequency words) that your child will be working on during 1st quarter. Your child should be able to read these words quickly and write them with ease. Please work on these at home to help the learning we're doing in our classroom. Thank you!

ask has stop him

just let had as

his an give any live


Our check out day is every Tuesday. Please have all library books returned to Richardson by Monday so that you 1st grader can continue checking out new books.

Standards Based Grading Update

Will percentages be utilized?

Elementary teachers will not report proficiency via percentages at any grade level. Pure mathematical averages do not accurately report a child’s true level of proficiency with a standard. In fact, percentages can actually penalize a child for what he/she didn’t already know at the start of a unit of study. A variety of learning evidences over time, in conjunction with teacher professional judgment, and a child’s performance on a Final Demonstration of Learning is more strongly correlated to an accurate depiction of student learning. Teachers at our intermediate levels, particularly sixth grade will work with students to help them understand the ranges of Academic Indicators and how those will relate to the percentage grading system found in our middle schools. It should be noted, throughout middle schools many teachers are also practicing standards based grading. The transition to Standards Based Grading and Reporting is often most appropriate at the elementary level first where a foundation of learning is being built which requires measurement of self to learning target without the need to translate that data to grade point averages, class ranks, etc.

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September Birthdays

Ahhh, we have no birthdays this month!

Mark Your Calendar

September 20: Picture Day

September 20: Culver's Night, 5:00-8:00 pm.
September 26: Volunteer Training, 10:00 a.m. (RHE)
September 26: Watch D.O.G.S Kick-off, 6:00 p.m.
September 29: Grade Level Pictures (students will receive t-shirts)

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