Alief 1:1 Student Device Program

One Student. One Device. Everyday.

1:1 Student Device Program Grades 3-12 Purpose

Alief ISD is providing 3rd -12th grade students with a device to allow each student access to the required educational materials needed to promote and enhance learning. This device is the property of Alief ISD. The supplied device is an educational tool for the assigned student for on-campus and at-home learning activities and is not intended for non-instructional gaming and personal use, or for use by other members of the household.

What You Should Know...

Alief ISD 1:1 Student Device Program Handbook

The Alief ISD 1:1 Student Device Program Handbook contains guidelines, procedures, and information to properly care for student issued district devices. The purpose of this handbook is to provide information that will help with questions and pave the way for a successful year. It is an expectation that both parents and students read and abide by the guidelines and procedures as referenced in this document.

Alief ISD 1:1 Student Device Program Handbook (English)

Manual del Programa 1:1 de Dispositivos para Estudiantes de Alief ISD (EspaƱol)

Technology Fee

Alief ISD has a yearly, non-refundable $20 technology fee.

The fee will be charged at the beginning of each school year for each student participating in the Alief ISD 1:1 Student Device program. The technology fee covers the cost of insuring the device in the event the device is accidentally damaged or stolen with proper documentation. The Technology Fee can be paid through campus My School Bucks store or with cash.

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Technology Lending Agreement

A district device will be loaned to the student. Parents/Guardians and students MUST sign and return the Alief ISD Technology Lending Agreement before the device can be taken home. Devices will be collected at the end of each school year and throughout summer school should they be required to attend.

Throughout the school year, checkpoints will be implemented to ensure that students have devices that have been issued to them and remain updated for student use.

Do you have questions?

We are excited about this initiative and understand that you may have some lingering questions. Please review the Alief ISD 1:1 FAQ document and contact your campus for additional assistance.