Nightgale Community 2

"A 600 acre community with a small and friendly population"

A Greek Inspired Community

There were several Greek and Roman influences in our community. Some Greek influences include housing, architecture, design of the community, our water, and our usage of plants. Greek influences are very important in our town. This is because our town is trying to be a Greco-Roman society. The Greeks and Romans have given many influences to our community.
Greek Information Video

More information about the Greeks and their influences.

Advertising Nightgale

Our presentation will advertise our community by showing off the positives of our community. By images, posters, advertise on a website, on the local paper/ newspaper. Talk to people about it, ads on stores, restaurants. Other ways we can advertise our community is advertising on social medias too.


Our community is a good place to live because we have plenty to do and see. We also have plenty of job opportunities for our population. Our purpose is giving college graduates a place to live after they graduate and somewhere for single family to live. Our overall task is we are trying to make a city that is based off of Greco-Roman society, and to provide a good place to live.