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Stretch Marks are Ridiculous!!

For a woman, one of the most important things is being pregnant. It’s the time that a married gal waits for. Regardless of the shape the body one has, it begs the question “Can I get my shape back”. Even if we get our shape back but is that possible to get rid of stretch marks. Well this is the problem faced by almost every girl in life. If you’re unhappy with your stretch marks, you are certainly not alone. I have also undergone this problem. What I feel is that these unsightly imperfections which are caused by pregnancy or weight fluctuations are very hard to remove. Stretch marks have also started appearing on one of my cousin’s body due to the effects of bodybuilding.

Though I am happy to have a beautiful cute baby, but I am not happy with the nasty marks that have got into my skin. Well, my friends, relatives and doctors have suggested me several remedies but I am not sure which remedy to use. Some have recommended me to use stretch mark creams while others wants me to use homemade oils. I have been researching on the stretch mark removal treatments and so far I have Found Application of Dermology stretch mark removal cream to be effective. In addition, drinking water also plays an important role in removing stretch marks. Zinc rich foods are also effective.

Well, though I have found laser stretch mark removal technique to be effective yet I don’t think if I will ever go for this treatment.