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Dec. 10, 2014

This week we are finishing our time learning about the properties of multiplication. You should see a study guide, practice classwork, and math notebooks come home. Please be sure that the math notebook comes back to school each day. We use it in class to record notes and complete math tasks.

We are beginning adverbs. We are also working on writing to inform our audience. Students will work on researching a topic they are interested in, so they can write an informative piece about the topic. This is a class project.

In science, we have begun to learn about fossils. Thanks goes out to Rebecca who brought in a fossil so that we could see the imprint on it. Look for your child to bring home their own imprint this week.

In S.C. History, we have learned about the diverse groups that began to populate the regions. We are now beginning to learn about how South Carolina began to make money and bring slaves from West Africa to work plantations.

EXTRA: Our class is doing the stocking activity. I have received many forms. If you misplaced your form, I can send another or you can download a form from the link below titled Happy Holidays-Stockings.docx.

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 1-2:15pm

250 Neely Store Rd

Rock Hill, SC

Our class will have our Holiday Winter Celebration on Thursday, Dec. 18th. We are planning to check the goodies in our stockings, enjoy cupcakes together, and watch The Polar Express together while eating popcorn and enjoying some peppermint hot chocolate.

We are in need of a few items to make this happen. An email from sign-up genius has been sent out, or you may follow the link below by clicking on the title at the top or follow the link below. Donations may be sent to school the week of the party.

Parents are also invited to attend if you like. Be sure that you have a photo ID, so that you can sign in in the office the day of the party. Special thanks to our room parent, Karrie Hubbard, for her help and ideas.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Author Visit: Jason Wright

New York Times Best seller, Columnist, and Motivational Speaker, Jason F. Wright visited Lesslie Elementary!

He is the author of many books including Penny's Christmas Miracle, Christmas Jars Reunion, and The Wednesday Letters. He read us a beautiful tale about Penny and her Christmas miracle. He also challenged us to find ways to show kindness to people we meet. Find out more information about Jason F. Wright at and

Buzzing Bites for Home

Math- How does knowing the properties of multiplication help me with fact fluency?

Multiplication Properties:

1. Commutative - Factors can be multiplied in any order and the product will be the same. EXAMPLE: 4 x 6 = 6 x 4

2. Distributive - Multiplying a sum of a number is the same as multiplying each addend by the number. EXAMPLE: 6 x 9 = (3 x 9) + (3 x 9)

3. Associative - Three or more factors can be multiplied in any order and the product will remain the same. EXAMPLE: 2 x (3 x 4) = (2 x 3) x 4

4. Zero Property - Understanding 0 - Any number zero times, is still zero.

5. Identity Property - Understanding 1 - A number times 1, is the number.


  1. Practice your multiplication facts each night.
  2. Let your child teach you how to play Eggs in a Nest. You will need a dice.

Language Arts- How does using informational text improve my comprehension?

Optional Activities:

  1. Check out nonfiction books on topics that your child is interested in, like football, gymnastics, or horses.

Science- What information can we tell from fossils?

Optional Activities:

  1. Go on a fossil hunt.
  2. Play with playdoh making imprints and casts.
  3. Bake some cookies and talk about the cookie cutter as a mold leaving a shape in the dough.

S.C. History- How did the economy of South Carolina impact the need for physical laborers?

Optional Activities:

  1. Help your child with their weekly S.C. Reading Logs. You'll learn a lot that you can talk about together.

Multiplication Congratulations to . . .

2s - Kolton and Nathan

5s - Blake A., Cameron A., Cameron B., Stevye, Kolton, Tegan, Emily, and Angello

10s - Landon, Blake A., Cameron A., Cameron B., Stevye, Addison, Kolton, Tegan, Emily, and Angello

3s - Landon, Cameron A., Stevye, Baylee, Addison, Olivia, Kolton, Makhi, Drake, Blake L., Tegan, and Angello

6s - Madison, Landon, Baylee, Brady, Olivia, Makhi, Drake, Rebecca, and Eli

9s - Madison, Brady, Olivia, Vaughn, and Rebecca

4s - Madison, Olivia, and Vaughn

8s - Madison, Olivia, and Vaughn

*Timed Tests: Tuesdays and Fridays.

Keep up the great work!

Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, Dec. 11th - 1st, 3rd, and 5th Grade Christmas Lunch (11:30 - 3rd); Math Night 5:30 pm - 7 pm

  • Friday, Dec. 12th - Pre-orders for Chick-Fil-A due

  • Wed., Dec. 17th - Picture with Santa (Order were due Dec. 10th); Pick up Chick-Fil-A in the car rider line (Bus students can pick up & eat in the cafeteria.); Last Day to send Stocking Stuffers

  • Thursday, Dec. 18th - Classroom Holiday Celebration - Polar Express

  • Friday, Dec. 19th - Last Day; Santa Pictures sent home